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We've created this page so you can find information on all the latest news and events in just one place.

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You can find out what events we have planned on our upcoming events page.

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Click on the categories above to see what has been happening at Christ Church and in the community recently. Read the full articles by clicking on the article titles below or by clicking one of the links on the left of this page. A large number of older news articles are also available through the links on the left should you want to refer back to something.

Tell us what you think ..

We would really like to hear from as many of our friends as possible about how we should proceed over the next few months now that legal restrictions have been lifted. We want everyone to feel safe and amongst friends in church. Please take a moment to complete our survey. PGlmcmFtZSB3aWR0aD0iNjQwcHgiIGhlaWdodD0gIjQ4MHB4IiBzcmM9ICJodHRwczovL2Zvcm1zLm9mZm ..

Covid 19 - our next steps ..

Over the past eighteen months a team of friends from Christ Church have been meeting to discuss and agree the best ways to keep our services as safe as possible. The team, under the direction of Daniel Pitt, formulated a detailed risk assessment which has formed the basis of our covid response plans. Now that the government have announced the end of legal ..

Car Park Safety ..

Following some near misses in our Car Park recently, the Buildings Committee decided to get hands on with some serious line and arrow painting. Dan, Mike and Chris tackled the main entry arrows to make sure our visitors can get in and out safely. Following some comments about the narrowness of the bays beside the church, they also increased the size of the b ..

Update on our former Rose Garden project ..

First Phase The project to restore the former Rose Garden is making great progress. Our team led by Ian Handy, has completed the pathways, mulching, raised beds and planting at the north end of the garden.The plaques have also been cleaned and restored at this end. The intention is for this first phase to show what we are aiming to achieve in the rest. ..

Road Safety ..

Members of the public are being invited to have their say on a draft strategy that aims to improve safety on Swindon’s roads. You can read the overall Road safety strategy here which includes sobering statistics on the number of people killed or seriously injured on our local roads.The strategy seeks to further reduce these accidents. You can also re ..

Swindon Night Shelter ..

Swindon Night Shelter have an on-line prayer time on the following Tuesday evenings for half an hour to pray specifically for the work of Swindon Night Shelter to which you are invited. Swindon Night Shelter Supporter Prayer Times 7.00pm - 7.30pm Tuesday 25th May 2021 Tuesday 22nd June 2021 Tuesday 27th July 2021 To join follow the link below Swindon Night ..

We seek your Kingdom ..

We hoped to play this inspiring song to our congregation this sunday but were unable to do so due to technical problems. Its too good to miss so here it is for you. We Seek Your Kingdom’, is a whole-life worship song to the tune of the much-loved hymn ‘Abide With Me’, written by Noel Robinson, Andy Flannagan, and Graham Hunter. It inspires us to see our ..

Thy Kingdom Come ..

This is the Archbishop of Canterbury and York call to pray for the Christian faith across our country when we are all encouraged to pray for five friends to become Christians. Colin Thornton is the Coordinator for Good News 4 Swindon writes… “I’m very excited about what God will do in Swindon and beyond, as we gather once again from many churches acros ..

Christian Aid Week ..

It has been a very difficult year for this charity and again no door to door collections have been possible. week began last Monday 10th May and finishes today 16th May. Do go on the Christian Aid website and find out about the amazing work they do throughout the world. Donation details are here ..

Rose Garden Plans ..

The Garden plays an important part in helping bereaved families by providing a peaceful space where they can come and remember those they have lost. The first phase of the project is well underway and is designed to give an indication of how the finished garden will look. The work involves  removal of the plaques at the North end of the garden. This ..


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