Christ Church is open

We are delighted that, from Monday 27th July, the church will be open for personal prayer and reflection from 9.00 am – 4 pm to welcome visitors. Visitors will be asked to remain in defined areas of the church and use the chairs allocated at the front of church. Hand … Continue Reading →

Time to reflect?

‘Time’ to look up again! Our clock mechanism is back and keeping perfect time. The clock was originally installed in Holy Rood Church, on the Lawn, in 1843 and has been in the Christ Church clock tower since 1851. Its repair was made possible by legacies left to the charity … Continue Reading →

We will meet

Listen to this new song by John Bell from the Iona Community which sums up all our hopes for the future.Click to play: We will meet

Some Prayer Resources

Here are some helpful resources to help you to deepen your prayer life at home. Do let us know how we can be praying and supporting you. “To pray is to make our hearts ready to experience the love of God in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy … Continue Reading →

Letter from Rt Revd Vivienne Faull

The appalling death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police and the subsequent Black Lives Matter protests have brought the issues of racism, oppression, inequality and injustice once again into the spotlight, where they should be. These are issues that the Diocese of Bristol, like many organisations, has … Continue Reading →

I Can’t breath

Rage rises tongues of flame sear bones, sinew and muscle wrapped in brown skin limbs writhe against batons lips swell with beatings eyes bleed, jaw cracks wrapped in brown skin shackled. starved. raped. gouged. hunted. choked. lynched. poked. injected. stripped. drowned. expelled. trampled. airbrushed. kneed. medicated. gassed. gunned down down … Continue Reading →

Black Lives Matter

A personal perspective The events that have unfolded since George Floyd’s very public killing has caused me to catch my breath, pause — pause, and exhale. As a writer I often find myself penning a poem to process my thoughts and feelings in response to confronting issues. The rawness of … Continue Reading →

Not back to normal – planning for a better future

Martin explored the theological, environmental and community challenges which the pandemic is raising in our own country and across the world. He stresses the importance of joining together as faiths to practically respond to the social and economic challenges, within an anxious and ever-changing environment. Watch the recording