May 2021

We seek your Kingdom

2021-05-16T13:55:38+02:0016 May 2021|

We hoped to play this inspiring song to our congregation this sunday but were unable to do so due to technical problems. Its too good to miss so here it is for you.

We Seek Your Kingdom’, is a whole-life worship song to the tune of […..]

Thy Kingdom Come

2021-05-16T13:43:00+02:0016 May 2021|

This is the Archbishop of Canterbury and York call to pray for the Christian faith across our country when we are all encouraged to pray for five friends to become Christians.

Colin Thornton is the Coordinator for Good News […..]

Christian Aid Week

2021-05-14T19:45:56+02:0014 May 2021|

It has been a very difficult year for this charity and again no door to door collections have been possible. week began last Monday 10th May and finishes today 16th May.

Do go on the Christian Aid

Coffee and chat

2021-05-09T19:10:38+02:009 May 2021|

11 am-12 Wednesday 12th May

We all hope to be able to catch up in person very soon but if you would like to have a coffee and a chat sooner, join […..]

Partnership Confirmation 2021

2021-05-09T19:10:49+02:009 May 2021|

It is always a great joy to hear about those who have become Christians and those growing in their faith. Each year we have the opportunity to make a public declaration of our Christian faith, either by […..]

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