July 2021

Kevins eco record

2021-07-23T20:28:50+02:0023 July 2021|

An Eco Milestone

At Christ Church, we like a record-breaker – particularly one who Kevin Bookerdoes something to prove a great point.

Margaret William’s nephew Kevin Brooker, recently visited her to say hello and show off his new car. As you can […..]

Tell us what you think

2021-07-19T20:25:26+02:0019 July 2021|

We would really like to hear from as many of our friends as possible about how we should proceed over the next few months now that legal restrictions have been lifted.

We want everyone to feel safe and […..]

Covid 19 – our next steps

2021-07-17T16:01:59+02:0017 July 2021|

Over the past eighteen months a team of friends from Christ Church have been meeting to discuss and agree the best ways to keep our services as safe as possible. The team, under the direction of Daniel […..]

Car Park Safety

2021-07-17T13:09:00+02:0017 July 2021|

Following some near misses in our Car Park recently, the Buildings Committee decided to get hands on with some serious line and arrow painting.

Dan, Mike and Chris tackled the main entry arrows to make sure our visitors can get in and out safely.

Following some comments […..]

Update on our former Rose Garden project

2021-07-10T17:15:37+02:0010 July 2021|

First Phase

The project to restore the former Rose Garden is making great progress. Our team led by Ian Handy, has completed the pathways, mulching, raised beds and planting at the north end of the garden.The plaques have also been cleaned and restored […..]

Road Safety

2021-07-03T13:27:36+02:003 July 2021|

Members of the public are being invited to have their say on a draft strategy that aims to improve safety on Swindon’s roads.

Christ Church Eco Strategy

2021-07-03T13:22:48+02:003 July 2021|

For some time, we have been exploring our response to Global Warming and resulting climate change in the context of responsible stewardship of our buildings, grounds and operations. We are doing this so that we can develop […..]

June 2021

Janet French

2021-06-12T13:57:45+02:0011 June 2021|

A lot of the work that goes into running the church happens in the background. We thought we would highlight this particularly extreme example of remote working!

Janet […..]

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