A year at Christ Church

The population of our parish was about 15,000

At our Annual Parochial Church Meeting, our electoral roll stood at 154

Our average weekly attendance for Christ Church with St Mary’s was 100

Our average Sunday attendance was 91 (find out more)

Over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, 319 people attended our services

We baptised 22 babies and 4 adults (find out more)

We married 5 couples (find out more)

We confirmed 7 people from our Partnership Parish churches

Our clergy team took 55 funeral services (find out more)

Our church building hosted 20 Concerts and events (find out more)

Our Community Centre hosted 863 parties, events and leisure activities

The Christ Church Community is involved in many areas of local life, always seeking to connect the community to Christ. See how you can join in

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We don’t receive any grants or subsidies from the Anglican church or Government. All the funds needed to keep our church and its work going are provided by regular donations, legacies and fundraising. Our congregation, Friends and supporters provide vital funds each year to ensure that the Church is always available – whether it be for regular worship, weddings, funerals christenings, festivals, concerts or just quiet reflection. If you consider yourself part of our Community or value our contribution then please consider supporting us with either a regular donation,one-off gift or legacy.

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