Christ Church history

Christ Church has had many faithful documenters over the years. Denis Bird and Bran Bridgeman have provided us with an invaluable archive of pictures From Christ church’s past” More recently, Janet French has provided many iconic images of the church and its people.

You can see a selection of historic views of Swindon in our Swindon Past & Present Album. If you can add information to any of the pictures or correct us where we have things wrong then please feel free to use the comment feature under each picture or contact us at s.grosvenor@gmail.com.

You can also search our online database of burials in Christ Church between 1907 – present.

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A tour of Christ Church

There are many historic and interesting things to see as you walk around our church. The tour gives you information and pictures of the many memorials and architectural features there.

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Christ Church Memorials

During more than 160 years of its existence, Christ Church has been fortunate to receive both financial and practical support. Many of the decorations, items of furniture, windows, chairs etc have been donated in memory of beloved family members. Often these names represent, in themselves, a historic record of the life of the church.

Following our recent renewal project, we decided to create this searchable record of memorial inscriptions and dedications both to assist in Family genealogy projects but also to act as a permanent record of the gifts and people who have done so much to maintain the Christian presence in Swindon.

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