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In a busy modern world it is important to have the opportunity to stop and think and sometimes to talk to somebody else about issues in our lives. As part of our mission to connect Christ with the community, our ministry team goes out into the working world to provide spiritual, emotional and simple friendship to a variety of different organisations and businesses.

Visiting the sick and elderly

Our aim is to be an inclusive community so it is vital to us that those who are vulnerable or hidden through sickness,age or disability are included in our worship where possible and in our prayers. The ministry team provide chaplaincy support and visits to many local residential homes, keeping contact with those who are no longer able to join us personally at Christ Church. The ministry team can also organise home communion to the sick or housebound. You can request a home visit by email or telephone the parish office on 01793 522832.

We also provide chaplaincy support to:

Sport - Swindon Town Football Club - Simon Stevenette
Education - Local Swindon Schools and Swindon College - Norma Mckemey, Helen Hartnell
Local Businesses - Simon Stevenette
Residential Homes - Margaret Williams
Youth organisations - Air Cadets - Simon Stevenette

If you would like to find out more about this service then contact Simon Stevenette on 01793 529166 or email him here.