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Styles of worship

We cater for many different styles of worship at Christ Church - from the traditional to the modern - with each type of service offering its participants a unique way of encountering God.If you would like to find out more about our services and which one might suit you or your family then contact one of Our clergy team for more information.

Our Sunday Worship

On Sundays we normally have a said Communion Service at 8.00am which lasts about 45 minutes. Our next Sunday service is at 10am. On the first Sunday of the month, this is an All-age service for about 1hr 15 mins with songs and hymns. On the 2nd and 4th Sundays, this is a Holy Communion service with hymns and a choir anthem. On the 3rd Sundays, we have a more informal, devotional and contemporary Holy Communion service with songs and hymns.

Our final service on Sundays is at 6:30pm and takes a variety of formats, either led by the choir with a Choral evensong, or Healing services, Prayer & Praise, Taizé or Iona-style services. These usually last for about 1hr.

Other Worship

From Mondays to Saturday we hold a morning prayer service at 9.00am. On Wednesdays, there is a 1662 Prayer Book said service of Holy Communion at 10.30am which lasts 45 minutes; except on the last Wednesday of each month when the 10.30am service is the 1662 said service of Prayer Book Matins / Morning Prayer.

Our sister church is St Mary’s in Commonweal Road. Worship there is held each Sunday at 9am and varies between Holy Communion and Morning Prayer. On the fourth Sunday, it is a more informal and contemporary Holy Communion with songs and hymns.

Occasionally we will change the times of services for special events, such as our partnership birthday party services or other seasonal occasions - to ensure that you are not disappointed please refer to our calendar of service times which gives the weeks service times and other details.

(A "said" service is a service without hymns).


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