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A Baptism

Baptism at Christ Church

For babies

Christ Church offers either a thanksgiving service or a baptism service for babies and their families. Thanksgiving is a celebration of a new life, asking for God's blessing without the commitment that a full baptism gives. The Baptism of babies brings them into God's worldwide family and is happily offered.

Baptisms of babies are held on a Sunday morning - usually about every 6 weeks - at 12.30 followed by a welcome at a Sunday service the following weekend. Baptisms at other times can be arranged, please discuss this with the vicar. You can find details of our services and the baptism sundays here Services timetable

We are pleased to be able to share your babies baptism with you. We have found that people celebrating baptism at our churches enjoy the service. We hope that it will be a wonderful and memorable occasion and that it will mark the beginning of a long and happy association with our church. For details of how to arrange a baptism please contact us here

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For Children and Adults

Whilst the baptism of babies is decreasing, in recent years it is on the increase for children, young people and adults. You are never too old to be baptised. The important thing is that it has to be a personal decision to join a Christian community, receiving the blessings of God's love, presence and strength alongside the responsibility of living a Christian life as an ambassador of Jesus throughout our lives.

At Christ Church we are part of a partnership of churches with Immanuel, Bath Road and St Mary's Church. In May of each year we celebrate a baptism and confirmation service together in which we invite all our young people and adults to become members of our local churches and the wider worldwide Christian community. Preparation for this proceeds throughout the year so that everyone comes to know exactly what to expect and what they are taking on, supported and encouraged by fellow Christians.

We hope that this information will help you with some of the questions which surround baptism or Christening (Christian-making) as some prefer to call it. We do not put pressure upon parents or make them feel guilty about coming to church, but sometimes a baptism can remind us of how much we have let our own Christian life slip. It can be an opportunity to affirm our trust in God and to make a fresh start.