Positive news from Send a Cow

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Thank you for sticking with us and more importantly, families like Merima’s, throughout this challenging time. You are well and truly part of our global family, we couldn’t do it without you.

Emily Mullen

Supporter Relations – Send a Cow

Today is Blue Monday, supposedly the gloomiest day of the year. A day where we face a combination of post-Christmas blues, cold dark nights and awaiting the first payday of the new year. And as the World continues to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no surprise we are all feeling a little blue. Send a Cow is one of Christ Church’s nominated charities. We were delighted to recieve this update from them with some positive news.

Meet Merima, pictured left. Merima lives in Kutaber District, Ethiopia with her husband and children. Along with 600 other women, Merima is part of the Developing Business Women Project, which supports family farmers like her to establish successful and sustainable agri-businesses.

Merima says

"Send a Cow has supported me with awareness and skills. I have received training on kitchen gardening, savings and credit and reproductive health. Of all the skills I have learned, I am really amazed by the bag garden. I have learned that we can produce food even if we don't have any land." - Merima

Eco Ideas – What can we do?

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Eco-sermon series Week 8 God in Community: What can we do?

We conclude our Sermon series with – What can Iwe do? Of course everyone is different and has different challenges but here are some ideas from Sue and Phil on living more eco-consciously. that might start you thinking.

Download these ideas

New Text Giving scheme

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These days, Christ Church rarely has a plate collection for donations during services, although there is always an Offertory plate at the rear of the church before and during services.

If you find yourself without change though but have your mobile phone handy you can donate to the work of Christ Church via a simple text.

All you need to do is send a text with the code CCSWINDON £5 ( or however much you wish to give us) to 70450.

The acknowledgement of your text has a link allowing you to agree to add Gift aid to your gift (worth an extra 25% to us at no extra cost to you) if you are a UK taxpayer.

There are a number of ways to give to support the church and its work.You can find out details of how to give to our work in the community here.

Thank you

Black History month

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Please join us in praying for change and transformation in our country and especially in our own hearts and minds as we confront the reality of the past, the challenges of the present and work towards God’s vision of racial harmony with hope for the future. We thank God for the gift of sisters and brothers from around the world who bring so much to us at Christ Church. May God help us to become more fully the rainbow people of God. Do pass your ideas on about how this might become more fully a reality.
Thank you gratefully

We are publishing a series of pen pictures each day celebrating the lives of people of colour on our Facebook pages. To follow them, why not subscribe to our page


The first bible is creation

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Icon by Sue Mansfield, May 2020

This icon is based on the Pantocrator icon in St Catherine’s Monastery in Sinai, Egypt. The first bible is creation, so here i have removed the usual ‘icon’ of the Bible, and put in its place the first ‘bible’ – Creation in all its glory.  The saints more or less seem to find spiritual experiences outside, rarely in our buildings. I have also removed the traditional red surround of the Byzantine icons because creation is borderless, instead the red ribbon that links all beings together.

As I begin to understand that the Cosmic Christ is in everything it changes my perspective that everything has value, a soul and a voice. This changes my interaction with them, everything is an equal rather than an object.  Therefore, I start to treat everything with subjectivity rather than objectivity. The planet as the body of Christ.


The Bells are ringing

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To mark the end of the Second World War, the bells rang out at Christ Church.Here’s an extract of the goose-bump ringing that took place on 15th August at 11am after 2 minutes of silence. A big thank you to ringers Gordon, Shirley, Alan, Peter and Ruth. Socially distanced ringing meant they rang call changes and some plain hunting.

Photograph: Janet French

Missing the choir?

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Listen to us singing – Angel Voices ever singing – F Potts
Over the years our faithful choir has supported services, sometimes with friends joining us, sometimes just the few. Sadly some no longer with us. In these unprecended times, we can’t be there but you can still hear us. Click the image above to listen.

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