Eco Ideas – What can I do?

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Eco-sermon series Week 7 God in me: What can I do?

We conclude our Sermon series with – What can I do? Of course everyone is different and has different challenges but here are some ideas from Sue and Phil on living more eco-consciously. that might start you thinking

• Share recipes and serve great eco-meals to your friends

• Use websites such as “Good on You” ( to find out the ethical / eco position of companies

• Set myself and my family some eco-principles. This demonstrates practical, non-theoretical steps towards “How then shall we live?” eco-consciousness.

o We will not buy the cheapest, preferring ethically produced basic clothes

o We will source food from local area to reduce carbon footprint


Community Centre at Christ Church Swindon

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We have joined Swindon Community Lottery!

You can help support us by buying lottery tickets via our page.…/community-centre…

When tickets are purchased via our page we receive 50% of the purchase price PLUS 10% goes to other local causes and you are in with the chance to win a weekly cash prize with the Jackpot prize being up to £25,0000!

Be in the draw on the 19th of December for your chance to WIN 1 of 5 Entertainment Bundles!

Each Entertainment Bundle includes an Amazon Echo Show8, Echo Dot, & Fire7 Tablet.

Remember there are weekly CASH prizes up to the £25,000 jackpot too! Get your ticket now via the link or scan the QR code below! Good Luck!

Thank for supporting our work.

Chris & Jenny

Community Development Team

Alone at Christmas

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Whilst nothing will replace the joy, Alone at Christmas has given the lonely and isolated people who have attended the event for the last 4 years, we still want to do something during this pandemic to give those alone a bit of light and joy this Christmas.

Therefore, we have decided to create hampers for the people who usually attend. We hope to include things such as a Christmas dinner, Christmas pudding, biscuits, Christmas cracker etc. 

The current pandemic has posed lots of challenges in being able to provide anything for those alone and like so many others has hit us financially, so we are asking for donations towards this great cause to help us provide for as many isolated people as we can this Christmas. 

We understand that this is a big ask and if you cannot afford to donate there are other ways you may be able to help bring  some light and joy to others this Christmas. We are looking for donations of food items or time as we assemble a team of people to help deliver the Hampers in the lead up to Christmas.  

If you think you may be able to help in anyway, you think you will need a hamper yourself or know anyone who may benefit from this then please get in touch via Facebook (, e-mail or call 01793 617237 and leave a message with your contact details and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Thank you

Chris & Jenny

Community Centre Development Team

Urgent appeal to help our clergy friends in Uganda

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Ugandan clergy are reliant on the Sunday offerings for their stipends, but the doors of their churches were closed between March and October. Their congregations also struggle financially due to a loss of jobs and income. As a result, many of our clergy friends are finding it hard to provide for their own families. It is distressing to hear of clergy families eating only one meal a day. Please use the link below to donate directly to the Bishop’s Appeal for Uganda.

Through this appeal, money will go to the Archbishop’s Emergency Fund. Archbishop Stephen will ensure that much-needed supplies are distributed fairly across the dioceses of Uganda.

The appeal will run until Sunday 29 November and offerings should be made as soon as possible so that we can send it to Uganda in good time for Christmas.

Even a small gift of 10 pounds can provide maize meal and beans for a family to survive on for a week; £20 would mean that basic essentials such as salt, sugar, soap and cooking oil could be provided along with the food. £50 would allow a family to meet a simple medical emergency. £200 could provide food for ten families.

To donate please click this link:

Thank you



Church Services restarting

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Following the recent changes, Church services are now, once again, permitted. We plan to hold a regular 10.00 am physical Sunday service in Christ Church. As before, it will be available on our website for those who cannot attend in person.

We review our safety procedures each week in response to attendee numbers and behaviours, so it is important to regularly check service details and information on our website and social media. Plans to re-open St Mary’s for services as soon as possible are also being reviewed.

Our main priorities are the health and safety of our community, so things will not be quite the same as usual, but we recognise the importance, for many, of meeting together in worship so have put together this brief explanation of what is permitted and what to expect.

How is the church managing social distancing?

A. We have assessed the safe seating capacity and space available and worked out the best way to seat everyone to maintain 2 metre distancing. Familiar faces will be on hand to welcome you and show you where to sit. Where possible, worship should be from the central pews – these have been marked with a splendid golden circle (thank you Caroline Pitt) to show where you can sit. The church will be carefully sanitised before and after service.

We know that many of you badly want to connect with your church friends after service. Please, though, remember the latest guidance and social distance rules. You must not socialise with people from outside of your household or support bubble while you are indoors here, unless a legal exemption applies. This means that you must take your seat as directed and remain there. At the end of service you must leave the church as soon as possible or as directed by the welcomers.

Please remember that this is to keep everyone safe.


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Proposals for Old Rose Garden

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More than 1,300 members of our Community are remembered in our Rose Garden. Some are marked by plaques, others are not. When the garden was closed for further ashes burials in 2019, we opened a new Remembrance Garden to the South East of the Church. This is now in full use and provides a beautiful and peaceful place for visitors to remember their loved ones.

For some years now, it has become difficult to maintain the Rose Garden due to poor soil quality, old and diseased plants and self-seeded and relative-planted shrubs and flowers. This has led to the garden becoming unkept and neglected looking. Canon law forbids the disturbance of remains and thus major maintenance of the area has become an increasing problem.


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