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We have joined Swindon Community Lottery!

You can help support us by buying lottery tickets via our page.…/community-centre…

When tickets are purchased via our page we receive 50% of the purchase price PLUS 10% goes to other local causes and you are in with the chance to win a weekly cash prize with the Jackpot prize being up to £25,0000!

Be in the draw on the 19th of December for your chance to WIN 1 of 5 Entertainment Bundles!

Each Entertainment Bundle includes an Amazon Echo Show8, Echo Dot, & Fire7 Tablet.

Remember there are weekly CASH prizes up to the £25,000 jackpot too! Get your ticket now via the link or scan the QR code below! Good Luck!

Thank for supporting our work.

Chris & Jenny

Community Development Team

Proposals for Old Rose Garden

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More than 1,300 members of our Community are remembered in our Rose Garden. Some are marked by plaques, others are not. When the garden was closed for further ashes burials in 2019, we opened a new Remembrance Garden to the South East of the Church. This is now in full use and provides a beautiful and peaceful place for visitors to remember their loved ones.

For some years now, it has become difficult to maintain the Rose Garden due to poor soil quality, old and diseased plants and self-seeded and relative-planted shrubs and flowers. This has led to the garden becoming unkept and neglected looking. Canon law forbids the disturbance of remains and thus major maintenance of the area has become an increasing problem.


How then shall we live?

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One of the PCC’s key goals for the year was encouraging us all to grow in confidence and action as an eco-congregation. With this is mind we are looking forward to all that God will
teach us over the next two months through our sermon series.

This week can we recommend the excellent free podcast which can be heard on BBC Sounds entitled ‘What planet are we on?’ launched last Thursday with Sir David Attenborough giving a perceptive interview. Also please consider joining the staff team on one of the series of five webinars produced by the Bristol Diocese Deconstructed Environment Online Conference starting on 19th October when Ruth
Valerio will speak on Why should Christians act and why now?

You can sign up here:

Lockdown Lessons

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Over the past 6 months, we have come to realise, more than ever, the importance of keeping in touch with our friends and supporters. Our KIT team has been making calls and connecting, where they can, with our friends across the town. The church closure has meant that many of our traditional ways of communication via leaflet, notices and flyers have not been possible.

At the same time, as we start to consider the implications of being a committed eco church, we have come to realise just how much paper we have saved and the benefits to our planet of doing so. It’s a small start, but like all such initiatives, it needs us all to think differently about how we find out what is going on in our Community.

If you are reading this, then you have taken the first step and signed up for our weekly newsletter and you hopefully know about our website which works hard to keep you up to date with the parish and town. If you know of someone who might appreciate receiving our weekly news, then encourage them to sign up for our Newletter email at

Let’s identify those we are not in contact with due to Lockdown. What we are worried about though, is all those who do not have access to the internet or email. We need to ensure that we can continue to engage with them and share our news and events. We have set up a telephone number to enable those who cannot come to church to listen to our weekly service. If you know of anyone who would value using this service then please encourage them to dial 01225 541162. Calls are charged at local rates and you should warn the caller that there is a small 15 second silence whilst the audio file loads. Services typically last 45 minutes.

If you know someone – a friend or neighbour, who feels they belong to our community, then please encourage them to contact us – our parish office number is 522832 so that we can make arrangements to keep in touch with a regular newsletter. That way, what paper we do use is put to good use.

Not back to normal – planning for a better future

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An on-line lecture by Martin Palmer

Martin explored the theological, environmental and community challenges which the pandemic is raising in our own country and across the world. He stresses the importance of joining together as faiths to practically respond to the social and economic challenges, within an anxious and ever-changing environment.

Watch the recording


Parish Contact List

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New regulations have provided an opportunity to review the ways that we communicate with our congregation, friends and supporters. Keeping in contact with our community is a vital part of our mission-enabling us to offer pastoral and practical support when needed and keeping them informed of events and activities in the Church, Community centre and further afield. To ensure that we can keep in touch, the law requires us to get your consent. It’s easy to do this on-line below.

If you prefer to find out more, we have produced a simple leaflet explaining what you need to do to allow us to keep in touch with you. Use the button below to download it. You can also read our full data privacy policy on-line here or printed at the back of the church.

Join the Journey

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We are looking for participants to join in our telling of the Nativity on Sunday 9th December 2018. “The Journey” is an immersive, processional performance of the Nativity, enacted throughout Old Town in Swindon, produced by Revd. Daphne Hardwick, Anna Friend, who directed the very successful  2015 “The Passion” in Wroughton   and Juliet Webb, Producer.

Audiences will experience Mary and Joseph’s journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem taking place around them. The story of this journey will be portrayed like you have never seen before; live, up-close and personal.  Unfolding in the streets and populated by a cast of many, playing the story and recreating the ambience of the real journey, offering audiences the opportunity to bear witness to this incredible story.

Starting off outside Lethbridge Road School, providing the location for Nazareth, audiences will meet Mary, the teenage bride, betrothed to Joseph and mysteriously pregnant. She risks shame, heartbreak and a painful death.  Revealed are Joseph’s innermost thoughts. How can he understand the nature of Mary’s pregnancy? How will he find the strength to stand by her? Now forced by an occupying power they must make an impossible journey together. Wood Street will play host to Bethlehem and a thronging Bazaar, where we meet lots of characters, flavours and the hubbub of an inundated city, where our exhausted travellers must seek shelter before coming to rest at Christ Church, which plays the role of the stable and Jesus’ birthplace.
There are lots of ways to be involved from marshalling, distributing programmes, choral singing, musicians, cast, extras and crew. There is the potential for further traders, stall holders and entertainers in our Bazaar.

Please contact Daphne or Juliet at to register your interest in getting involved.   You will receive an invitation to meet with the team and there will be various opportunities to attend meet-ups and rehearsals before December.

We are also seeking sponsors to feature in our programme and provide some of the infrastructure and materials for the performance. We welcome parishioners, Old Town residents, local business and organisations to join us



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