We are delighted to have received permission from the Diocesan Faculty Office to continue work on our renovation of the Memorial garden. Work will now begin on removing the two gravestones to the North of the garden so that the path can be extended to the East. This will enable level access to all parts of the area. The stones will be replaced against the Community Centre wall.

Steel edging is being put in place to retain the weed suppressing mulch which will form a level surface for the centre of the garden. Later in the year, fine turf edging will be laid, continuing the edge ( shown above) around the south side of the garden.

Read a summary of our proposals

All the work will be carried out under the close supervision of Ian Handy, our project leader. Our permission states that the works must be completed within 12 months but we are keen to be ready for the Autumn season to allow planting and preparation at the best time of year.

We will minimise any disruption to the plaques whilst the works are carried out but if you have any concerns please come and visit and let us know or contact us, The garden is for everyone and it’s important to us that our visitors understand and are happy with what is being done.

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If you or your family members have any concerns or questions or would like to contribute to the cost of these works, then please contact Carol in the parish office.

You can also contact us via the Parish Office ( 01793 522832)for other ways to donate.

We have a Just Giving Campaign page where you can read more and securely give towards the completion of the project.

Thank you for your support.