Shoebox Appeal – 2020

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Although we are unlikely to be able to pack shoeboxes with the children this year due to covid, we are still able to collect items for the shoebox appeal. As with last year, we are supporting Link to Hope, who donate the shoeboxes to families and to the elderly. We will be collecting, toiletries, stationery items, playing cards, sweets, as well as gloves, hats and scarves for the boxes. There will be a box for donations at the back of the church in the coming weeks.

Any questions, please contact me, a box will be provided for your gifts at the back of the church in the coming weeks. If you would like to know more contact Sue Clack at the Sunday service or telephone the parish office. Although Sunday Club is not running at present, it would be great to include drawings from the children in the shoeboxes.

Sue Clack

Safe Guarding Policy

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All Churches hold an important position in the community.  We are committed to following clearly laid down procedures so that all who work with children, young people and vulnerable adults, as well as the church’s leaders, know how to:

  • protect them from abuse
  • act responsibly if abuse is discover or disclosed.

Fully mindful of this responsibility, we have reviewed and updated Christ Church’s policy on safeguarding. All the members of our staff and lay teams have been re-issued with the revised policy and are fully committed to its application. You can read our Safe Guarding Policy in full here, or along with our other policies on our website:

Our Safe Guarding officer is Mrs Pamela Bridgeman, telephone number 01793 521408.

Children and Young Families Missioner

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Is God calling you to work with children and families?

We are looking for someone who is passionate about developing families within the church and the wider community alongside the ministers and team. This is a new post building on a foundation of previous successful lay work. Active links with local schools are in place. As a church we are excited about this new opportunity. If you share this excitement we’d love to hear from you.

0.5 part time post (18 hours)

Salary: up to £22,672 pro rata

Children & Young People at Christ Church – Autumn 2017

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There’s lots to do this Autumn so we have put together a handy guide with everything you need to know about our children and young people’s activities in Christ Church and out and about.

It includes details of how we welcome children and young families into church services, all about our Sunday Club and details of other young people’s activities and services during the coming Autumn.

Click below to download the brochure.

C&YP Brochure Autumn 2017

Children & Young People Committee Meeting Notes

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Meeting Notes C & YP – 18th February 2013

Present:  Trudie, Janice, Liz, Frances, Tracy, Elise, Jim & Alistair

Apologies:  Verity & Katie

Trudie opened the meeting with prayer

Review of Action Points from Meeting on 11 October 2012

 Purchase of Bibles for Church:  These have been bought and a bookcase is being sought to place them just outside the lady chapel.  A generous donation had been made towards these so the money allocated for this purchase remains in the budget.   Trudie recently visited Commonweal School with a placement at SYFC.  Some of the young people there would like a bible and it was proposed and agreed that £50 from last year’s C & YP budget be given to SYFC towards the purchase of Youth Bibles for these young people.

ACTION:  Liaise with Ian re £50 for SYFC towards purchase of bibles        Trudie

Budget:  Trudie has spoken to Ian [Treasurer] and agreed that any outstanding purchases which had been allowed for in last year’s budget can be claimed but claims need to be presented asap:  Jim for purchase of Xbox, Christmas BBQ and Doom painting materials [approx £130] and Janice for purchase of storage boxes [£37.50].  This will then complete purchases from the 2012 budget with approx £200 unspent.

A budget of £1,000 has been agreed for C & YP for 2013.  Ideas of how this might be spent to be discussed at next meeting.

ACTION:  Receipts to Ian for 2012 spend                                                               Jim & Jan

Ideas for 2013 spend                                                                                   All

Growing Young Leaders:  Mahima Patole’s name had been put forward but the course will not start in Swindon until September 2013.  It is possible that other names may be considered then too.

Hot Chocolate Rota:  It has been decided that, due to lack of space, hot chocolate will not be served in church during the reordering of the church centre. 

Welcome Rota:  Trudie has spoken to some families and it is often difficult for families to arrive early but they are happy to be asked to assist if they are in time.   Children and young people are noticeably more involved in handing out service sheets, etc and bringing the offering forward.

Special Needs Coordinator:  Verity working on this and to carry forward.

ACTION:  Produce form and collate information                                                               Verity

Communion before Confirmation:  PCC have agreed that Communion before Confirmation proposal is taken forward.  Jim has volunteered to help present this with Trudie and work through the process and guidelines.  The timing of this was discussed – three to four months to process and a month to prepare children.  Important that Simon is present whilst this happens so need to consider whether it will take place before or after his extended study leave later this year.

ACTION:  Liaise with Simon re timing of taking forward                                 Trudie & Jim

 Messy Church:  Fantastic response to request for volunteers and volunteers’ meeting held at King William Street School.  Head teacher extremely supportive and plans going well for the launch on 21st April.

Child Protection Update & Review:  Discussion took place about the role of nominated persons for child protection [there are three people sharing the nominated person role at Christ Church: Julie Tucker, Janice Titcombe and Ailsa Palmer].  It was affirmed and confirmed that overall responsibility for child protection is with the nominated persons.  Child Protection guidelines have recently been reviewed by the nominated persons and Dan Jones has approved them.  The use of photography in church services and activities involving children and young people is currently being reviewed and guidelines are awaited.

ACTION:  Keep C & YP Group informed and updated                                      Janice

 Key Training:  Trudie and Elise have attended Key 1.  No dates yet available for 2013.

Review of C & YP Targets

Y1 Welcome:  Children and young people on the welcoming rota happening a little more often.  Provision of hot chocolate has been successful.  Announcements re child provision at the start of services is not really happening.  Notices are now given at ‘the Peace’.  Trudie to request that child provision info is given as part of the general welcome at the beginning of services.

ACTION:  Liaise with staff team re notices                                                           Trudie

Y2 Raising profile: General feeling that this is improving.

Y3 Involving C & YP in life of church: Active part in planning and delivering is hit or miss.  Two ‘champions’ appointed for all age: Margaret Williams and Genny Williams.  It is hoped that others will be more involved with ideas, planning, etc.  Tracy willing to coordinate a music group for C & YP.

It was felt that the survey of children, young people and parents would be best left until September or even later in the year when groups have been re-established in the new church centre.

Jim reported that the youth group will still meet during the re-ordering of the church centre though Charlotte Mews Hall is not suitable for this and it is hoped to meet at Bath Road Church.  Trudie will liaise with Mark Barrett about this.  Numbers vary from week to week and it is hoped to re launch once the new centre is available for use.  Planning to offer more games [Xbox and ?table tennis or pool table] to create more of a youth club feel.  Information to be taken into schools, especially Commonweal, where Elise and Ali will visit with Trudie when Youth Bibles are taken in.  Youth team would like to visit Sunday Club to speak to the older children about the Youth Group and also speak about their work as part of a Sunday morning service.

ACTION:  Purchase of Youth Bibles                                                                          Trudie

 Arrange visit to Commonweal School                                                 Trudie, Ali & Elise

Janice reported that, following discussion with leaders and parents, it had been decided that Sunday Club would not be relocated at Charlotte Mews Hall during the re-ordering of the Church Centre.  It had been proposed and agreed that the children’s groups would be accommodated in church [South Transept, North Transept and Canon Thomas corner].  Where possible the children would also spend some time outside.

Y5  Support and prayer for local schools:  Chocolates taken in for staff at Christmas and Trudie will ensure that chocolate is taken in at Easter.  School assemblies are going very well.

Y6  Explore outreach to C & YP:  Launch of Messy Church well underway.  Advent Angels a successful event.  Plans for this year’s Summer Holiday Club also underway.  There will not be a Good Friday Workshop this Easter due to re-ordering of Church Centre.

Child Friendly Church Award:  Ongoing.  Have fulfilled criteria for Bronze and working towards Silver.

Date of next meeting:   Wednesday 8th May, 7.30pm at the Parish Office

Children & Young People News

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The committee has agreed a programme of activities both short and medium term.


Achieved by…

What will happen in 2012/13

Children and Young People (CYP)



Children: primary age

Young people: secondary age



Y1. Welcome CYP to Christ Church.













 Y2. Recognise their value.



Y3. Involving CYP in life of church
















 Y4. Disciple and care for CYP




Y5. Support and pray for local schools.







 Y6. Explore outreach to CYP








Y7. Maintain active Child Protection policy



Other:  Incorporating Y1-Y7 above

Y1&Y3  Parents, children and youth to be included in welcoming team rota to look out for and nurture contact with CYP who come to services.  By end Oct 2012

Dependents:availability of earlier start for families

Liaise with:David & Ann Sharpe


Y1  Quick win:  hot chocolate, squash and suitable biscuits to be served by CYP on low table in leisure centre.  With immediate effect.


Y1  Quick win:  Ensure that consistently at beginning of services, as part of welcome, an announcement is made of child provision & exit door(!) in South Transept (but not to be called that) and toilets & baby changing in the leisure centre.  With immediate effect

Liaise with:Service leaders & church wardens giving notices


Y2 Raise profile of CYP with regular highlight of some aspect of CYP in services/on website/in newssheet etc.  With immediate effect.


 Y3&Y1 Parents, children and youth to be integrated into welcoming team rota, read lessons, bring up collection etc. Ongoing.


Y3 CYP or representatives to take an active part in the planning and delivery of All Age services.  By end Sept 2012.

Dependents:Representation on All Age planning groups


Y3  Consideration of admission to communion before confirmation for CYP.  Paper to be submitted to PCC for intial consideration to start Diocesan process.  Nov 2012

Liaise with:families with children, Incumbent


Y3  Review of all CYP offering (including review against Swindon Youth Charter) via survey to children, parents and young people.  Specific actions points to be raised from responses.  Survey by end Nov 2012.

Dependents: willingness to engage in survey

Liaise with:children, parents and young people


Y4  Consider feasibility of monthly youth service, in collaboration with nascent initiative at Immanuel.  Ongoing.

Dependents:OTP involvement

Liaise with:OTP partners


Y5 Continue putting boxes of chocolate in school staff rooms at Easter and Christmas on behalf of OTP churches.  Ongoing.


Y5 Continue to support assembly visits to schools undertaken by OTP church representatives and others, and strengthen contacts with other schools across Swindon.  Ongoing.

Dependents:Availability of clergy and other visiting teams

Liaise with: SYFC, Janet Roe, in school, Abi Corry


Y6 Launch Messy church for Primary age children as OTP project.  April 2013 latest start.

Dependents:OTP and CC practical support

Liaise with:Mission and Evangelism/FIS/Community groups & OTP Focus and Council


Y6 Continue to run, in conjunction with OTP:

  • summer holiday club            July 2012.
  • Christmas club                    Nov/Dec 2012
  • Good Friday workshop         March 2012



Y7. Full review of Child Protection Policy, paperwork and awareness by end November 2012

Liaise with:Nominated Persons



Other:  Work towards Diocesan “Child Friendly Church Award” 2012 (ultimate goal of Gold level longer term).  Submit award to recognise achievements to date by end March 2012


Other:  Submit budget for CYP activities.  End Oct2012

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