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Christ Church Rose Garden Memorial Records

Christ Church has stood at the heart of Swindon Old Town for 170 years and is the resting place of many generations of Swindonians. The Rose Garden at East end of the church holds the ashes of more than 1,400 loved ones. Some are marked by small plaques, but many are unmarked and, as such, risk being forgotten.

The Rose Garden has been closed for further ashes burials and a new ashes memorial garden has replaced it for future generations. To ensure that the old garden remains a peaceful and respectful memorial to those remembered there, we have applied for permission from the church authorities to make it safer to visit, more manageable and beautiful.

You can read about these plans on our website

Rose Garden Search

Search for your Family Name in the Christ Church Rose Garden

The changes we propose to make to the garden are intended to improve it.

We are very aware of the sensitivities involved in such a project and are keen to talk to any families who visit the garden or whose loved ones are remembered there, to explain and reassure them of our plans. parishoffice

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