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With our local partners, we work with communities to build low-cost, sustainable solutions that
meet their needs. We also work with local and national government in the countries where we
operate, developing solutions to help them provide water, toilets and hygiene to everyone. And
we work on an even bigger scale, too. WaterAid campaigns worldwide, showing governments
and key decision-makers that investing in these basic services will have incredible positive
Online donations can be made here:
or WaterAid Current Account
Barclays Bank PLC
Sort code: 20-65-82
Account number: 20422746
Other ways to give/support:
If you’re sending in a cheque, please make it payable to WaterAid and send it to:
WaterAid, 6th floor, 20 Canada Square, London, E14 5NN

Swindon Mind

We provide a range of services across Swindon and Gloucestershire to support
those experiencing a mental health concern to improve their overall wellbeing. We strive to
raise awareness, reduce stigma and ensure anyone experiencing a mental health concern has
somewhere to turn.
Donations via:

The Black Cosmic Christ

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Sue Mansfield, November 2020

In my original description, I focussed on the wildlife and the individual images in the icon. With this shorter description, I am just focussing on the whole icon and the ecologically challenging questions it was asking me.

This icon is based on the original icon Pantocrator in St Catherine’s Monastery, Sinai Egypt. In this later version, I have changed the face to a Black Cosmic Christ which I found actually more powerful. I chose to intentionally not adhere to the geometry of the Byzantine tradition of the face in order to honour the variety of face shape.

I have removed the usual ‘icon’ Bible, but in its place the first ‘Bible’ – Creation in all its glory. The first Bible was creation. Jesus is cloaked in creation. The Saints – more or less – seemed to find spiritual experiences outside, rarely in our buildings.

An icon of a Black Christ

Cosmic Christ

As I was writing the detail above him, I could feel his eyes boring into me, what would it be like to be this close to the Cosmic Christ?

Who are you? (I know and yet don’t know)

Who were you?

Who will you be?

Neutrons, protons electrons live in community. So do we. Connectedness with creation, perhaps a more gracious way to be in the world we are given is to allow nature to speak to us rather than dominate it, really realising that it isn’t there for my / our consumption / money-making / intelligence. St Claire says that nature is a mirror and mirrors back to us.


Shoebox Appeal – 2020

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Although we are unlikely to be able to pack shoeboxes with the children this year due to covid, we are still able to collect items for the shoebox appeal. As with last year, we are supporting Link to Hope, who donate the shoeboxes to families and to the elderly. We will be collecting, toiletries, stationery items, playing cards, sweets, as well as gloves, hats and scarves for the boxes. There will be a box for donations at the back of the church in the coming weeks.

Any questions, please contact me, a box will be provided for your gifts at the back of the church in the coming weeks. If you would like to know more contact Sue Clack at the Sunday service or telephone the parish office. Although Sunday Club is not running at present, it would be great to include drawings from the children in the shoeboxes.

Sue Clack

Annual Parochial Church Meeting 25th October

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Christ church in the mist

It has been a strange year this year. Our A.P.C.M. (Annual Parochial Church Meeting) was deferred due to the restrictions and so we were unable to close off our usual formal review of the past year and plans for the coming year. We are now able to hold our A.P.C.M. which will be held in the Church immediately following this Sunday’s (25th October) service. Social distancing measures will be enforced.


New Text Giving scheme

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These days, Christ Church rarely has a plate collection for donations during services, although there is always an Offertory plate at the rear of the church before and during services.

If you find yourself without change though but have your mobile phone handy you can donate to the work of Christ Church via a simple text.

All you need to do is send a text with the code CCSWINDON £5 ( or however much you wish to give us) to 70450.

The acknowledgement of your text has a link allowing you to agree to add Gift aid to your gift (worth an extra 25% to us at no extra cost to you) if you are a UK taxpayer.

There are a number of ways to give to support the church and its work.You can find out details of how to give to our work in the community here.

Thank you

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