Over the past 6 months, we have come to realise, more than ever, the importance of keeping in touch with our friends and supporters. Our KIT team has been making calls and connecting, where they can, with our friends across the town. The church closure has meant that many of our traditional ways of communication via leaflet, notices and flyers have not been possible.

At the same time, as we start to consider the implications of being a committed eco church, we have come to realise just how much paper we have saved and the benefits to our planet of doing so. It’s a small start, but like all such initiatives, it needs us all to think differently about how we find out what is going on in our Community.

If you are reading this, then you have taken the first step and signed up for our weekly newsletter and you hopefully know about our website https://www.christchurchswindon.co.uk/ which works hard to keep you up to date with the parish and town. If you know of someone who might appreciate receiving our weekly news, then encourage them to sign up for our Newletter email at https://www.christchurchswindon.co.uk/newsletter.php

Let’s identify those we are not in contact with due to Lockdown. What we are worried about though, is all those who do not have access to the internet or email. We need to ensure that we can continue to engage with them and share our news and events. We have set up a telephone number to enable those who cannot come to church to listen to our weekly service. If you know of anyone who would value using this service then please encourage them to dial 01225 541162. Calls are charged at local rates and you should warn the caller that there is a small 15 second silence whilst the audio file loads. Services typically last 45 minutes.

If you know someone – a friend or neighbour, who feels they belong to our community, then please encourage them to contact us – our parish office number is 522832 so that we can make arrangements to keep in touch with a regular newsletter. That way, what paper we do use is put to good use.