A look ahead to our Autumn programme of services 2020

In various ways, we will explore in our worship, preaching, children’s material and Home Groups, what it means to be an eco-congregation and an inter-generational Christian learning community.

We will do this:

  1. Through a sermon series on key Bible stories
  2. Through welcome and learning in our Home Groups
  3. By providing opportunities for our congregations to grow in Christian confidence
  4. By encouraging us to read the Bible in a year, through a very helpful resource www.bibleinoneyear.org

The Programme

  • 6th Sept Love the Lord your God with all your heart, Soul, strength, and mind
  • 13th Sept Love your neighbour
  • 20th Sept Love yourself
  • 27th Sept Mission Gift Day: Send a Cow Charity

October/November/December Themes – Being an Eco Congregation. How then shall we live? – an exploration of our theology of Eco-church

  • 4th Oct Harvest Festival God and progress: The problem of blind ignorance
  • 11th Oct God and Nature: The problem of separation
  • 18th Oct God and Heaven: The Problem of after- life is left for after life. Old Town Partnership Pulpit Exchange – Robert Jordan preaching.
  • Friday 23rd Oct Martin Palmer Friends of Christ Church lecture ‘Learning from Celebration Earth’
  • 25th Oct God and Us: The problem of Greed
  • 1st Nov All Saints Day – God and Salvation: The Salvation of Humankind. All Souls Bereavement Care gathering
  • 8th Nov Remembrance Sunday – in the light of Covid-19. How can our remembering lead us to transformation?
  • 15th Nov God and Conscience: The Salvation of Society
  • 22nd Nov Mission Gift Day Water Aid: Stream of Living Water
  • 29th Nov Advent Sunday: God in Me, what can I do?
  • 6th Dec God in the Community: What can we do?
  • 7th Dec Holy Innocents: we are all key workers.
  • 13th Dec Preparing for Christmas in the midst of a world pandemic. Theme: Comfort
  • 20th Dec Preparing for Christmas in the midst of a world pandemic. Theme: Joy
  • 25th Dec Friday, Christmas Day Theme: New insights for 2020 as Jesus is born.