Minutes of the Buildings & Site Development Committee Meeting 8th May

Present :  Stephen Grosvenor, Mike Palmer, Daniel Pitt, Mark Antell, Reg Hardwick

Aplogies:Kevin Penfold, John Plaister

Item 1. MP said a short prayer.

Item 2. Minutes of last meeting – reviewed – apologies due to Reg who, despite providing valuable input to the March meeting, got missed off the present list due to the chair’s poor counting skills.

All outstanding items have been included in the agenda.

Item 3. –Budget Summary  – see cumulative spend at the end of these minutes

Item 4. – Christ Church

a) West porch Project. Following the communication exercise to demonstrate the church plans for the porch there have been no particular objections or indeed feedback of either flavour. SG proposes that we proceed to getting a more detailed proposal from Antony our architect – this will form the basis of a submission for faculty permission from the diocese and will provide more detailed information on the advantages and benefits of the proposal. AFK has provided a quote of £1,600 ex vat to supply the necessary designs – his estimate of the cost for the porch is in the region £10-£15k – this will include the remodelling of the rear space to improve flow and a new position for the audio/visual control board.We will aim to complete this work prior to this winter. ACTION:SG to accept fee proposal from Antony Feltham King.

b) LED Lighting –  We have had some positive reactions to the lighting proposal. We have now been given a temporary licence to proceed with the trial in the Lady Chapel – this will allow us to see how the LED lights perform over time – under the licence we have until August 2014 if necessary ACTION: MP to contact Binary electronics and get final current cost proposal for the trial and give the go ahead.

 c) AV update – Considerable progress has been made due to the hard work of Bernard, supported by Mike to install a set of new compliant (and working) wireless microphones. We now have 4 new wireless mikes and 1 new Handheld. These are fully compliant with latest legislation and have much better controls and displays which allow their battery and other information to be more easily monitored. The Church has saved a substantial sum for installation costs due to Bernard and Mike’s intervention so many thanks to them both for their care and professionalism.

 MP has also made contact with a local sound recordist who has offered to help us trial some different recording microphones for the choir and organ. This should help us get a better idea of what to buy and where to position any new static microphones.

 d). Damaged South transept window. Dan Pitt has offered to take this forward as it has not been receiving the attention it requires recently. The Friends have already offered to help to offset some of the costs for this project which is gratefully accepted. Dan will seek some quotes and work with John Plaister who has some experience  in this area. ACTION – DP to get quotes for repair

 f) Asbestos removal from old boiler room. We have already had an estimate and this work should now be done as soon as possible.  ACTION MP to find quote and confirm costs – proposal is to proceed to get the works completed so we can continue to safely use the storage.


Item 5. St Mary’s Church – the paintwork in St Mary’s is in a poor state of repair. We will add it to the work in progress list and review options for getting it done.  ACTION MP to see if Community Service Volunteers would do it.


Item 6 Community Centre update

a)   Ground source heat pump bore holes have caused a small delay of a week due to geological factors. Foundation work is due to start in the next few days.

 b)   Works timetable – Despite the small delays we are still on target for September completion. There are a number of things to do involving groundworks and foundations as well as the relocation of the Morris memorial. This will happen in the next 3-4 weeks. The building should arrive in June.

c)    Rubbish arrangements –The burning pile has been cleared ready for the new Garden. We have entered into a joint contract with the burial board for a Biffa waste disposal service. The new regime for rubbish and recycling in the burial ground and church is now underway. The winner of the garden design competition has been announced and MP and SG will discuss with Ian Handy our advisor and the winner to work out how the design can be realised.

 d)   Kitchen Design – We are in consultation with external caterers and equipment suppliers to confirm the specification of the kitchen equipment. The intention is that it should be commercial quality, capable of supporting significant catering events in the new hall.

 e)   Archaeology – As part of our planning permissions we are required to hire an archaeologist to complete a watching brief as we start foundation digging – this contract has been subsumed into the Timberworks project to save VAT costs.

f)    Cost Updates – It is important to keep a close eye on the costs to ensure that we can get the best possible results for our limited budget. Where relevant we have added some items into the contract cost to reduce our liability to pay VAT.

 Current Contract cost –                                                         £629,861

                   Repair of existing paths & lighting  (est.)                    £6,000

Garden of reflection         (est.)                                      £4,000

                   Community Artwork                                                         £4,000

                   Addition of commercial kitchen facilities                    £8,000

Total costs                                                                                £652,831                                               

 Funding sources

        Devizes Road hall sale funds                                   £247,000

       D&R funds                                                              £23,000

              SBC grant                                                               £230,000

              LCF grant                                                               £46,000

              Garfield Weston grant                                             £5,000

              Sale of Parish office   (est)                                        £105,000

Total funding                                                              £656,500

The above illustration assumes that we “loan” £105k from the general funds until such time as the parish office can be sold. It also shows that the funds allowed for contingencies are almost exhausted. We are continuing to make grant applications towards securing Kitchen equipment, new chairs and tables for the hall and are considering local targeted appeals to businesses and individuals for specific items such as the artwork, garden costs and kitchen facilities

Item 7 Property Checks –

As a  result of Annual Property check carried out on 32. Points a & b & c are outstanding

a)   Re-plastering required following difficulties with damp and mould in the dining room. ACTION MP to recommend some plasterers to occupant so that she can arrange for them to visit and quote.

b)   PV Front door may need replacing as it doesn’t fit properly and is very drafty – SG suggested it might be fixable – details of the Double Glazing doctor to be passed on to Karen at the same time as MP recommends plasterers – Double Glazing doctor   01793 431788.

c)    The light fitting over the stairs is broken and cannot safely be replaced due to its position.Also radiator leaking ACTION: MP to get quote from Gary Hall for both jobs.


Item 8 Any other business

Next Meeting: 17th July 7.30 – 51a Broome Manor Lane, SN3 1NB

 Deferred Jobs list




Rated A/B/C/D

SW door repair and draft exclusion Defer to D&R 20/01/2010


Pressure washing the vestry steps    


Flooding under the clergy vestry   25/03/2010


Cycle Racks Defer to new hall 27/07/2010


Wall mounted Notice board at West door £95+VAT 31/03/2011


Free standing Noticeboard at West door £375+VAT S&I 31/03/2011


Sign for Church Centre (maybe directional signage   rather than the name) Defer 31/03/2011


New fireproof ceiling in the undercroft Defer 20/02/2012


New central heating boiler & rads  31 CS Complete 17/10/2011


Asbestos removal – church awaiting 14/11/12


New boiler for 32 Cricklade Awaiting   quotes 14/03/2013


South transept S &West window repairs Seeking quotes 14/11/12


Remove nave screens from the front pews to aid flow  from families and young people during services.

Defer- issues identified with H&S and costs. 19/01/2013


Repainting St Marys Reviewing options 09/05/13


New smoke alarms 32 ? Carbon monoxide monitor? Reviewing options 09/05/13



A- Assessed as high risk

B- Legal requirement

C- Best Practice.

D – Nice to do.

Cost Schedule 2013 Year to date

Job Date Contractor Sum paid
L.C. Toilet repair Jan D.Hobbs £60.00
Damp fix – 31 Feb In house £54.00
Boiler Checks Feb D Hobbs £156.00
Boiler replacement -32 May G Hall £3,000
Tree Pollarding May N Freshwater £650


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