PCC Sub group – Mission and Evangelism

Latest Meeting held on 9.4.13 in the Parish Office

Present:  Norma McKemey, Martin Lee, Margaret Williams, Angela Wirdnam,  Roger and Maria Morcumb

Bible Study Group – Having completed a successful five week study on Ecclesiastes the group will reconvene in a few months time.

Christian Aid Project – Margaret reported that groups within the church are beginning to advertise the fund raising activities that they will be doing.

Neighbourhood Prayer – prayer for the street where you live.  Martin is to ask Steven Grosvenor if this can be put on our website with an explanation of what it is.  Martin also introduced One Voice of Prayer – national and international prayer topics – and asked people to pray.  This could be used in our partnership prayer diary.  (the new pages are now in place.)

Mission Giving – Norma presented a paper on a suggested way to possibly see an increase in mission giving (see attached paper).  Considerable discussion took place and it was agreed we would present this idea to the PCC in May with a recommendation that our giving should be to Christian charities.

Deanery Mission – We considered the idea of a Festival of Christian Faith in 2015 suggested in the Deanery Strategic Plan.  The following points were made:

  • It’s a good idea but only if we do it well
  • Good speakers, possibly using TownGardens and other large venues such as Lydiard Park
  • Smaller events could also take place around town including, poetry, music, comedy.
  • If this event is to be ecumenical then other denominations need to be invited from the start rather than being told the Anglican church is putting this on and being asked if they want to join in.

Date of next meeting – Tuesday 28th May 2013, 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Office

Mission Giving Proposal

Currently Christ Church has 4 Mission-giving Sundays a year and the proceeds are divided between 6 organisations (The Willows, Swindon Youth for Christ, CPAS, Bible Society, CMS and Tear Fund) – two local, two national and two international.

Following a discussion with Gareth Hutchinson, I am setting out a proposal which he suggested.  Currently our mission giving has decreased significantly over the past few years.  In an attempt to reawaken people’s interest and enthusiasm for mission giving he suggests we continue to support one each from the current local, national and international organisations we give to and then ask the congregation for suggestions of organisations they might like to support.  These would then be voted on and the top three would become part of our mission giving charities for three years.

Whatever the 6 charities may be I suggest there should be a representative for each charity who would promote that charity especially in the two weeks leading up to the mission giving day for that charity.  It is important that the congregation is kept up to date with information about these charities if we want them to support them.

It is envisaged this arrangement would begin in 2014 if it is adopted.

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