Buildings and Site Development Committee – March 13

Present :  Stephen Grosvenor, Mike Palmer, Daniel Pitt, John Plaister

Aplogies: Mark Antell,Kevin Penfold

SG said a short prayer.

 Item 2. Minutes of last meeting – reviewed – agreed.

All outstanding items have been included in the agenda.

Item 3 –Budget Summary ytd £596.00

Damp solution – redecoration 31 Cricklade £54

Boiler Checks – £156

Action SG to add 2013 costs to each minute to build up a complete history of costs per year.

Item 4 – Christ Church

 a) West porch plan. We have now received an outline proposal from AFK which broadly establishes that the restoration of the west porch is feasible. He has supplied some sketches which we will use as part of a broader consultation exercise with the congregation. ACTION:SG to discuss possible costs with AFK.

b) We will need DAC faculty for the porch – the plans incorporate removing a small number of pews at the rear of the church to increase the circulation space and to accommodate a new position for the Audio visual console.

c) LED Lighting AFK and Binary electronics have had a fruitful collaboration and have created a new design proposal for an LED based pendant lighting scheme. We will use this to communicate the proposed LED trial in the Lady Chapel to the wider congregation and initiate a discussion on lighting in general. ACTION: MP to complete temporary licence application – SG to write to the DAC and advise them of our intentions re the lighting and seek their support. SG to forward the designs and proposal to PCC (Peter Ford) for a resolution to commit to the LC trial

d) AV update. MP updated us on the latest quote and advice from SMS. They have quoted an overall figure of £12k to cover our basic requirements plus a new mixing console. Their advice was however that we could probably do the installation of new radio mikes and receivers ourselves. Bernard Oxborrow has been thinking about how this could be done. Proposal to replace 2 of the broken radio mikes with new ones accepted– this will solve our immediate problems. We can then review performance and decide on the next steps.

e) South transept window repairs – No further progress on this at this time. ACTION SG to follow up with AFK for his suggestions on masons and with Rob Fleming who is going to be doing some of our monument moving.

f) Asbestos removal from church undercroft. We have had a quote and this work should be done as soon as possible. ACTION MP to find quote and confirm costs – proposal is to proceed to get the works completed so we can continue to safely use the storeage.

Item 5. St Mary’s Church – no current issues

Item 6 Community Centre update

a)   Works timetable –  as part of the general communications on D&R planned for next Sunday, SG has produced a comms board explaining the order of work, timetable, information on the design, GS heating & Solar panels etc.

b)   Kitchen Design – We are unable to claim kitchen equipment (Cookers, Fridges etc as zero rated under the main project so we have elected to source the equipment and design ourselves. The intention is to have a well-equipped, good quality, finishing kitchen capable of delivering community style catering requirements. Designs are being developed and consultation with interested parties will start in the next couple of weeks.

c)    Contractor. Timberworks has been selected as main contractor for the works and the contract was signed in February as planned. The contract value is £612k but the outstanding quotation from Southern Electric to provide 3 phase electric power to the new centre has now come in at £12,745 making a total estimated spend of £624k.

d)   Burial Ground lighting proposal. As part of the contractors quote we have included an external lighting ring. We intend to install suitable low level lighting to the pathways around the churchyard to ensure safe access. Details of the installation will be finalised later in the year.

e)   Hall contents and reclamations. In line with our previous proposals to sell off or donate the unwanted hall contents MP reported a contribution of £172 to D&R funds from the sale of assorted tables, screens and redundant electrical equipment – thanks go to Mike and ebay. The wooden floor has been comprehensively reclaimed and donations have been received from the new proud owners of a bit of CC history – this has earned around £800 so far.

f)     Rubbish arrangements – Once we have cleared the existing burning pile ready for the new Garden, it will be important to establish a new regime for rubbish and recycling in the burial ground and church. We have made provision for a new hard standing area for rubbish bins at the N.E .end of the car park but we need to finalise the refuse policies and supplier as soon as possible. This is being done in partnership with the Burial Board. ACTION MP to follow up with Bernard and Pam.

g)    Access – there may be some difficulties with access to the church during busy periods on site – the Alms house residents may be affected as the drilling for the GS heating is done. MP has spoken to Harry – Timberworks will be circulating contact details of the site foreman so that everyone knows who to talk to if there are any issues.

Item 7 Property Checks –

Annual Property check carried out on 32.

a)   Re-plastering required following difficulties with
damp and mould in the dining room. ACTION MP to recommend some plasterers to occupant so that she can arrange for them to visit and quote.

b)   PV Front door may need replacing as it doesn’t fit properly and is very drafty – SG suggested it might be fixable – ACTION – SG to hand details of Double glazing doctor to occupant to see it he can fix it. If not we will need a quote for a new door.

c)    The light fitting over the stairs is broken and cannot safely be replaced due to its position. ACTION: Find electrician willing to move the fitting to a more accessible position

d)   The boiler has failed and has a leak – it is recommended to replace – we have a proposed plumber – Gary Hall. ACTION: Get quotes

e)   Thanks are owed to Daniel P who has sorted out the reported damp in 31 The room has been de-moulded and the wall paper stripped and repainted.

f)     New smoke alarms fitted in 31 but are needed in 32.We also need to fit Carbon Monoxide monitors.

Item 8 Any other business

  1. Weshould review the PAT testing process/ fire extinguisher checks

Next Meeting: 8th May 7.30 – 51a Broome Manor Lane, SN3 1NB

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