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St Mary’s Hall – 5th September 2012 Meeting Minutes


Present :  Reg Hardwick, Stephen Grosvenor, Mike Palmer, , John Plaister, Mark Antell, Daniel Pitt.

Apologies: Kevin Penfold


SG said a short prayer.

 Item 3. Minutes of last meeting – reviewed and accepted. All outstanding items have been included in the agenda.

 Item 4 –Budget Summary for 2012

We have currently spent c£4,917 Year to date. We have outstanding bills for the Asbestos surveys for the churches & halls and Dave Hobbs bill for heating installation at 31. Our estimated current spend is £10,137 as at end Sept 2012.

 Item 5 – Christ Church

We have put our recommendations for Phase1 Works to the PCC and they have been accepted. These are:

  1. New lighting scheme
  2. Restore the West door internal porch to reduce the draughts
  3. Update the audio/visual facilities in the church.

 We need to make a DAC application for the access works to the hall within the next couple of weeks – PCC must agree to the monument moving for the application so must include an agenda item at the next meeting.

 SG to follow up the progress of the plans with Bernard. He is also investigating some historic monument moving specialists to give us professional advice on moving them.

SG is also contacting the Water, Gas and Electricity suppliers about the hall demolition.

Item 6 Church Centre update

We have received the first payment of £30,166 from the council. At the steering group meeting yesterday, there was discussion about the current timeline and it was felt it might be a bit optimistic. We have already begun to notify the users that the hall will be closing at the end of the year so we will probably continue to plan to close it to users in January 2013.

We will need to co-ordinate the clearing of the hall in early Jan – decisions will need to be reached on Traidcraft’s stock and activities, coffee in church etc.

We are proposing to site 2 temporary disabled toilets to the side of the SW door. These will only be in use for services.

Mike & Stephen have visited Upper Seagry hall and seen a modular build first hand. It is very well equipped and has given us some ideas on facilities which we will need to consider – audio/visual, screens, heat pumps.

Item 6 Property Checks – as part of our responsibility as a landlord, we need to periodically assess our properties for potential damage or hazards. Now that Upham Road has been sold, this leaves only 31 and 32 Cricklade Street.

Action: SG to discuss with Ailsa and the tenants appropriate times for the inspections. Also we should devise a checklist of items to check which would give more structure to the process as well as act as a record of each check. SG to investigate. We will need to do some more inspections – Mark and Daniel will join up to assess 32. Mike & Reg 31.

Item 7 31 Cricklade Street –
Dave Hobbs was awarded the contract and has nearly finished the work.

The old shed is in danger of falling down – SG to get a quote for a new one.


 Item 8. 58 Upham Road – has been sold.

 Any other business

 We have commissioned an asbestos surveys for St Mary’s, the church and the hall prior to commencing works.

 Billiard Table in Hall.  We have so far failed to find a home for the billiard table so will advertise it for sale.

 We will have to have the fire extinguishers checked

Query on PAT testing – how often does it really need to be done?


Next meeting date 14th November 2012 – 7.30 St Mary’s Hall


Deferred Jobs list





Rated A/B/C/D

SW door repair and draft exclusion

Defer to D&R



Pressure washing the vestry steps




Flooding under the clergy vestry




Cycle Racks

Defer to new hall



Wall mounted Notice board at West door




Free standing Noticeboard at West door

£375+VAT S&I



Sign for Church Centre (maybe directional signage rather than the name)




New fireproof ceiling in the undercroft




New central heating boiler & rads  31 CS

Est. 6k Oct 2011 DH




A- Assessed as high risk

B- Legal requirement

C- Best Practice.

D – Nice to do.

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