John’s funeral and Simon’s compassionate leave

We are enormously grateful for all the love and prayers we have received since John/ Dad’s death on 7th May. We had a wonderful funeral service with Holy Communion at St Leonard’s Sunningwell last Monday. All the family were directly involved in various ways. The only sadness being that Nicola was absent due to having Covid. We are especially grateful to Margaret, Ailsa and Geoff and those behind the scenes who organised such a moving parallel service at Christ Church at the same time. We are deeply touched by your prayers and support which were answered as we were overwhelmed with God’s love, presence, and Resurrection hope.

Bishop Viv has encouraged me to take a fortnight’s compassionate leave, to reflect on all that has happened for us as a family this year. This will be from Friday 17th June- Saturday 2nd July.

Thank you for your understanding. Please continue to remember us in your prayers and to support the Staff Team in all they are doing to cover my absence.

Every blessing