Simon Vicar

This week we heard Simon telling us about the importance of hope in a time of uncertainty. He reminds us too of our Christ Church mission and values.

We have a vision that we should be Christ’s Church in the community, serving the needs of local people and becoming a central meeting place for a whole variety of community activities. Our mission is to proclaim Christ through teaching and example. Welcome and serve all, through hospitality. We encourage people to find God through worship, faith and prayer by providing a spiritual home and resources for the local community. We seek to transform Swindon and beyond with God’s hope and compassion.

We do this with humility, grace and respect, listening prayerfully to God and our neighbour.

As well as offering traditional life events like baptism, marriage, blessings, funeral and bereavment services, we host a modern community centre which provides education, leisure, social and entertainment facilities to our community.

We also heard about the Partnership Confirmation Preparation – this will run on Sunday evenings from mid March. Confirmation will be on the 8th May at Bath Road Methodist Church. If you would like to find out more speak with Simon or one of the staff team or via the parish office 5228332.