Second Phase

The project to restore the former Rose Garden is almost complete. Our team, led by Ian Handy, has completed the pathways, mulching, raised beds and planting at the north end of the garden.The plaques have also been cleaned and restored at this end. Phase two, the Southern end of the Rose Garden main bed, is well on the way. Don’t be alarmed if you can’t see your loved one’s plaque. They have been carefully logged and cleaned ready to be restored as soon as the groundworks are complete in this part of the garden.


Much of the work is done by volunteers but the raised beds, landscaping and pathways require specialist workers who are not available at the moment due to other commitments. Our hope is that we can complete Phase 2 of the garden which will cover the remaining beds to the South by early next year.

As ever, funds for the work are in short supply so if you would like to help us realise this ambitious, but long needed restoration, then please visit our Just Giving page where you can donate to the project.

Phase 3

The east – west area of the garden is a much more complicated project and as yet we have not been able to form a plan to deal with the area.

The mature trees, roots, gravestones and general lack of access make this area much more difficult to control and manage. At present this area is subject to a review to assess potential designs and costs. We welcome ideas or comments from any families with loved ones remembered in this part of the garden. We try to keep it as clear as possible of weeds and suckers in the meantime. If you would like to talk to us about any aspect of the garden write to us

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We have also installed the vases for fresh flowers. They can be found in the bin at the extreme north end of the garden.

Fresh flowers can be left using the vases provided

Container for vases

Wreath hook for remembrance


The postions of all the plaques have been carefully marked so that we can return them safely to their original positions. As the project progresses, it will be necessary to remove the plaques further down the beds to enable us to install the new raised beds, pathway and mulch. Don’t worry all the plaques will be returned once the installations are complete.

The remaining raised beds are ready to go.

Occasionally, plaques have been moved by other visitors. If you think that your familie’s plaque is in the wrong position, then let us know via the email address.

There is a comprehensive on-line database of the burials in both the former rose garden and the burial ground in general – you can access it here.