The author Mark Bridgeman, son of the late Brian Bridgeman, has completely re-written his father’s book on the history of Christ Church and the community it serves.

The book, written to celebrate the 170th Anniversary of Christ Church in 2021, provides a comprehensive study of the people and events that tell the story of almost a thousand years of history from the Doomsday Book to Coronavirus.

The Beacon on the Hill will surprise and entertain you with over 200 photographs and a special guide to the church.

All proceeds from the sale go towards the Friends of Christ Church.

You can order a copy by contacting or Caroline 01793 521732

Swindon Scandals

What does disgraced vicar Newton Howe have in common with Reggie Kray and Mick Jagger? Intrigued? !
You’ll have to read the book to find out (page 74)


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