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The committee has agreed a programme of activities both short and medium term.


Achieved by…

What will happen in 2012/13

Children and Young People (CYP)



Children: primary age

Young people: secondary age



Y1. Welcome CYP to Christ Church.













 Y2. Recognise their value.



Y3. Involving CYP in life of church
















 Y4. Disciple and care for CYP




Y5. Support and pray for local schools.







 Y6. Explore outreach to CYP








Y7. Maintain active Child Protection policy



Other:  Incorporating Y1-Y7 above

Y1&Y3  Parents, children and youth to be included in welcoming team rota to look out for and nurture contact with CYP who come to services.  By end Oct 2012

Dependents:availability of earlier start for families

Liaise with:David & Ann Sharpe


Y1  Quick win:  hot chocolate, squash and suitable biscuits to be served by CYP on low table in leisure centre.  With immediate effect.


Y1  Quick win:  Ensure that consistently at beginning of services, as part of welcome, an announcement is made of child provision & exit door(!) in South Transept (but not to be called that) and toilets & baby changing in the leisure centre.  With immediate effect

Liaise with:Service leaders & church wardens giving notices


Y2 Raise profile of CYP with regular highlight of some aspect of CYP in services/on website/in newssheet etc.  With immediate effect.


 Y3&Y1 Parents, children and youth to be integrated into welcoming team rota, read lessons, bring up collection etc. Ongoing.


Y3 CYP or representatives to take an active part in the planning and delivery of All Age services.  By end Sept 2012.

Dependents:Representation on All Age planning groups


Y3  Consideration of admission to communion before confirmation for CYP.  Paper to be submitted to PCC for intial consideration to start Diocesan process.  Nov 2012

Liaise with:families with children, Incumbent


Y3  Review of all CYP offering (including review against Swindon Youth Charter) via survey to children, parents and young people.  Specific actions points to be raised from responses.  Survey by end Nov 2012.

Dependents: willingness to engage in survey

Liaise with:children, parents and young people


Y4  Consider feasibility of monthly youth service, in collaboration with nascent initiative at Immanuel.  Ongoing.

Dependents:OTP involvement

Liaise with:OTP partners


Y5 Continue putting boxes of chocolate in school staff rooms at Easter and Christmas on behalf of OTP churches.  Ongoing.


Y5 Continue to support assembly visits to schools undertaken by OTP church representatives and others, and strengthen contacts with other schools across Swindon.  Ongoing.

Dependents:Availability of clergy and other visiting teams

Liaise with: SYFC, Janet Roe, in school, Abi Corry


Y6 Launch Messy church for Primary age children as OTP project.  April 2013 latest start.

Dependents:OTP and CC practical support

Liaise with:Mission and Evangelism/FIS/Community groups & OTP Focus and Council


Y6 Continue to run, in conjunction with OTP:

  • summer holiday club            July 2012.
  • Christmas club                    Nov/Dec 2012
  • Good Friday workshop         March 2012



Y7. Full review of Child Protection Policy, paperwork and awareness by end November 2012

Liaise with:Nominated Persons



Other:  Work towards Diocesan “Child Friendly Church Award” 2012 (ultimate goal of Gold level longer term).  Submit award to recognise achievements to date by end March 2012


Other:  Submit budget for CYP activities.  End Oct2012

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