11 am-12 Wednesday 21st April

Join us online to have a chat and a coffee. All welcome. If you don’t have a computer or do have one, but don’t know how to use it – just try the telephone dial-in option to get started.

Why not try and get some of your friends to join too? There will be plenty of familiar friendly faces/voices.

Join online

If you are confident online then simply click the link below anytime between7pm – 8 pm on Tuesday 13th April to join us.

Join the chat
If it’s all a bit new, follow these steps;
  1. Click the blue link above.
  2. Click to cancel the little box that may appear.
  3. Choose the option “Continue on this browser
  4. Fill in your name and press “Join now“.
  5. As soon as the chat has started you will be admitted.
Join by landline telephone (freephone)

Anytime between 7pm – 8pm on Tuesday 13th April

Tel: 0800 260 5903 – you will be asked to tap in this Conference I.D. on your phone: it is 941 928 151#

Say your name when prompted. You will then join the group. To leave at any time just hang-up.