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Get Involved

To achieve our vision for Christ church's next 160 years, it is vital that everyone understands what we are trying to do and why. The work we do can only be completed by us all working together as a church community – these pages will give you a chance to make contact with us, have your say and tell us what you think about what we do and tell you how you can become involved to play your part to realise the Christ Church vision.

- You can pray for us
- You can invite your friends to our events
- You can donate money
- You can look for opportunities for us to talk to local businesses to gain their financial support
- You can help us to plan & organise fund raising events
- You can spread the wordby sharing our Facebook page
- You can help us by making grant applications for funding our plans
- You can remember Christ church with a tax efficient legacy in your will
- You can comment on and input to what we do.
- You can volunteer to help to run our community centre to maximise its benefit to the local community.
- You can tell us that you support the vision and encourage those who are working to deliver it.
- Look at what a bit of lateral thinking can achieve. You can turn old Christ Church roof slates into beautiful placemats and coasters to raise funds

The sky's the limit