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We've created this page so you can find information on all the latest news and events in just one place. If you would like to read older items or catch up on stuff you might have missed then click click here. You can also find a gallery of photographs of our community life here and on the "Gallery" Button.

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A Prayer for the Holy Spirit’s Gift of Wisdom ..

O Holy wisdom in part to me I pray;The gift to see the entire picture with myself in it;The meaning of the whole and the beauty of the parts;The perfection of the end and the value of the process;The contribution of the failures to the fullness of success;The sharpness of conflict for the enriching of harmony;The role of destruction in purifying creation;The ..

Our Vision and Values ..

Following our Church Strategic Review, our congregation and supporters were invited to suggest statements that encapsulate what we do at Christ Church. A small group then met to examine the suggestions and has now made the proposals below, for our Vision and Mission statements. These will be displayed in our written and electronic media to remind us of ..


2nd July and 10th July This December there will be a huge public performance of the Nativity story that winds it way through the streets of Old Town, involving members of the Swindon community as actors, singers, production team members and much much more! The Journey will tell this well trodden tale but with fresh contemporary eyes, presenting the difficu ..

Join the Journey ..

We are looking for participants to join in our telling of the Nativity on Sunday 9th December 2018. “The Journey” is an immersive, processional performance of the Nativity, enacted throughout Old Town in Swindon, produced by Revd. Daphne Hardwick, Anna Friend, who directed the very successful  2015 “The Passion” in Wroughton   and Juliet Webb, Producer. A ..

A message from your Gift Aid Secretary ..

It is now a couple of months since Brian Harris, chair of our Finance Committee, outlined our proposal to join the Parish Giving Scheme. There are a number of excellent reasons why we are encouraging all existing regular givers to sign up to the P.G.S. not the least of which is that it saves a significant amount of time and administration for myself as your ..

Hear about our new Parish Giving Scheme ..

Recently we heard about our new recommended giving policy from Brian Harris, Chair of our Finance Committee. Having trialled membership of the Parish Giving Scheme (P.G.S) with members of our staff team and PCC taking the lead, we are now ready to roll it out to the wider congregation. The PGS is sponsored by the Diocese and is free to use. It allows us t ..

Notes from the latest Finance Group Meeting ..

The Christ Church Finance Group is chaired by Brian Harris and its members include Andrew Yeoward our Treasurer, Daniel Pitt PCC former Church warden and PCC member, Rev Canon Simon Stevenette, Vicar. The group co-ordinates the day to day and strategic direction of our parish finances. They met on the 12th April 2018 Notes of FG group meeting - 12 Apri ..

Report on our Annual Parochial Church Meeting – A. ..

Thank you for your support and prayers at the APCM last Sunday. Phil Mansfield's excellent strategic review update is available on our church website, by email or in hard copy, please contact the parish Office. Pam Bridgeman and Jim D'Avila were elected as church Wardens. Please pray for them this Wednesday as they make their Declaration at the Archdeacon's ..

APCM - Update on our Strategy Review by Phil Mansf ..

During our Annual Parochial Church Meeting last weekend we received an update from Phil Mansfield, a member of our St Mary's congregation who has been helping us to review our thinking about our future. You can read his report on progress here APCM Strategic Review Summary You can also read Phil's intitial findings here: ..

A prayer ..

God, our heavenly Father, make, we pray, the door of this church wide enough to welcome all who need human love and fellowship and a father’s care, but narrow enough to shut out all envy, pride and lack of love.   Thomas Ken ..


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