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Our mission

In times where the traditional support structures of home and family are often stretched by family breakup and distance, Christ Church seeks to provide an inclusive community of wholeness where people can be welcomed, befriended and supported. We believe that by following Jesus' example and teachings, we can practically and spiritually demonstrate the power of his teaching by what we say and do.

We try to seek a balance between supporting local charities and projects overseas and reflect this in the various organisations we sponsor.

Locally we welcome people new to Swindon, engage with those moving into the new estates at Angel Ridge and Okus. Along with our local partners we also hope to establish a temporary presence at Wichelstowe.

We also have several overseas mission partners.

How you can help

You can read about the volunteering oppotunities that are currently available here. To find out about other ways in which you can support our work, please visit our giving page.

Partnership of Churches

Established in 1969, the partnership has always sought to work together on clergy training, pastoral work, social work and work with young people. All publicity, including the Parish Magazine and Directory is run by the Council. You can .

As a partnership of churches in Old Town, over the years we have successfully embarked upon a number of fund raising projects to help people both in this country and overseas; some of you might remember raising money to build a school at Kagitumba! In 2013 we have launched another project, this time in conjunction with Christian Aid.

The European Union has promised to match any funding we raise by three times, out of their funds! In order to do this we have pledged to raise £5,000 in the partnership which will then be worth £20,000. We have chosen the Middle East Project to help improve the amenities for disabled people in Palestine and Lebanon.

UK Charities

Charities abroad



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