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We've created this page so you can find information on all the latest news and events in just one place.

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Click on the categories above to see what has been happening at Christ Church and in the community recently. Read the full articles by clicking on the article titles below or by clicking one of the links on the left of this page. A large number of older news articles are also available through the links on the left should you want to refer back to something.

Festival of Commemoration ..

This year marks one hundred years since the end of the First World War. We are staging a major event to commemorate and celebrate the rarely told story of the people of Swindon; the sacrifice, service, community spirit and contribution that ordinary people made in extraordinary times.It will tell the stories of those who served at home and abroad using lett ..

Ticket Office ..

You can buy tickets here for many of our events held both in Christ Church itself and our Community Centre. Festival of Commemoration - WWI - Swindon 1914-1918 10th November 7pm - Christ Church Old Town Swindon (tickets available from 1st October £10.) Ticket Office This year marks one hundred years since the end of the First World War.  We are staging a ..

Find about our Parish Giving Scheme ..

Recently we heard about our new recommended giving policy from Brian Harris, Chair of our Finance Committee. Having trialled membership of the Parish Giving Scheme (P.G.S) with members of our staff team and PCC taking the lead, we are now ready to roll it out to the wider congregation. The PGS is sponsored by the Diocese and is free to use. It allows us to ..

Christ Church with St Mary’s Home Groups ..

Home Groups are a great way of learning about our faith, but also supporting and encouraging one another on our journey. We have social activities; try to look outwards to our community and generally have fun. At present we have a variety of groups which meet at different times, and in different locations. If you are interested in joining one of ..

Celebrate the change in season on the Railway Path ..

On Sunday 30th September, the Friends of the Railway Path will be running a family-friendly event on the Path next to Three Trees Farm Shop and Café, Chiseldon, SN4 0HT, from 11.00 – 3.30.  You can: Learn to scythe and help us make and rake a meadowCome on a wildlife and wild food walk Hear about our upcoming hedgehog survey, and how to take partBring yo ..

Swindon Youth for Christ ..

Swindon Youth for Christ are looking for churches who we can partner with in taking the good news relevantly to every young person in Swindon. This coming school year, we have two gap year students who would like to work with us and learn from the experience.  One is from this country and the other is from the States.  They are both keen to be involv ..

Reach out to touch the World this Christmas time .. No wrapping paper required, ribbon or tags, just knowing that by offering hospitality to a “Stranger Soon to Become Friend”, the experience will stay with you and your guest long after recycling the wrapping paper, storing decorations and finishing off the cold turkey!   Here at HOST UK we offer you the opportunity to engage in ..

Our Autumn Programme ..

Please take a moment to read our programme of events and teaching covering the Autumn months. V3-Autumn-programme-for-Christ-Church-with-St-Mary-flyer-3Download ..

A Prayer for the Holy Spirit’s Gift of Wisdom ..

O Holy wisdom in part to me I pray;The gift to see the entire picture with myself in it;The meaning of the whole and the beauty of the parts;The perfection of the end and the value of the process;The contribution of the failures to the fullness of success;The sharpness of conflict for the enriching of harmony;The role of destruction in purifying creation;The ..

Our Vision and Values ..

Following our Church Strategic Review, our congregation and supporters were invited to suggest statements that encapsulate what we do at Christ Church. A small group then met to examine the suggestions and has now made the proposals below, for our Vision and Mission statements. These will be displayed in our written and electronic media to remind us of our ..


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