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We've created this page so you can find information on all the latest news and events in just one place.

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A Message from Verity ..

Dear Church Family! I run the Virgin London Marathon whenever I can. Usually, I hold several fundraising events well before the day and exceed the target….but this year it has not been feasible.  However, I will have the month after the 22nd April to sell cakes, hold tea parties etc to raise final funds for The Children’s Society if I don’t make en ..

Annual Report for 2017 ..

You can read our Annual Report here. Final Signed Annual Report 2017 ..

Vision & Mission at Christ Church ..

We invite you all to contribute ideas for us together to build two new engaging Vision and Mission Statements that will take us into the future. Whilst all contributions will be reviewed, we do not promise to use your contribution but rather to get a collective set of ideas that we can draw on from across our various congregations, our friends and visitor ..

6th Old Town Beer Festival tickets ..

Its nearly here. Tickets are on sale as from today for our 6th Old Town Beer Festival.Tickets are on sale from our on-line booking office, from Magnums wine shop in Wood Street and from the Hop Inn Devizes Road         ..

Letter from the Archbishops ..

In the light of the report of the Independent Inquiry on Child Sexual Abuse. The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have written to all members of the Church of England You can read the letter here, Letter from the Archbishops ..

Our Parish Share 2017 ..

We recently recieved a letter of thanks from Bishop Lee for our contribution to the Diocese. You can read the letter here Thank you for your Parish Share in 2017 See how the Diocese spends it's income. ..

Partnership Walk from Ramsbury to Marlborough alon ..

Easter eve (Easter Saturday) 31 Mar 2018 Most of the way is on footpaths/bridleways.  Some on quiet minor roads.  Two short (300 yds) sections on the Ramsbury/Marlborough road, where there is no footpath. Appropriate footwear is essential – wellies, trainers or walking boots.  There are a few short sections which are muddy and, if wet, will be very slippery ..

Application for renovation works to the Organ ..

As part of our continuing renewal work this year, we intend to make extensive repairs to the church roof and organ as well as repair the South Transept window,improve  exterior lighting and make repairs to St Mary's church. The major works to the organ require us to obtain a faculty - effectively permission from the Diocese to carry out the work. As pa ..

Holy Week at Christ Church ..

We have a full programme of services and events during the Easter week. Click to download the Holy Week 2018 flyer ..

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