Safe Guarding Policy

All Churches hold an important position in the community.  We are committed to following clearly laid down procedures so that all who work with children, young people and vulnerable adults, as well as the church’s leaders, know how to: protect … Continue Reading →

Our Parish Share 2017

We recently recieved a letter of thanks from Bishop Lee for our contribution to the Diocese. You can read the letter here Thank you for your Parish Share in 2017 See how the Diocese spends it’s income.

2017 Stewardship Campaign

On Sunday 10th September we started our annual stewardship campaign. The aim of this is to, firstly, thank everyone for their financial support, encouragement and practical help throughout the year which allows us to maintain a strong Christian presence in … Continue Reading →

Minutes of the Finance and Stewardship Meeting

The FIS held their last meeting of the year in November. You can read the minutes here. The next meeting is 22nd January 2013 For more information about the committee contact Gareth Hutchinson ( or Chris Raven (