Listen to this week’s service?

Sunday 29th March 2020

Listen again to our Sunday service led by Rev Simon Stevenette & Rev Daphne Hardwick. Let me be your Servant by Richard Gillard by Christ Choir under the leadership of Tim Eyles – Music Director

Listen to Daphne’s Childrens Talk

Missing the choir?

Over the years our faithful choir has supported services, sometimes with friends joining us, sometimes just the few. Sadly some no longer with us. In these unprecended times, we can’t be there but you can still hear us. Click the image above to listen.

A letter from our Bishop

18th March 2020Dear friends, my brothers and sisters in Christ The Church is ChangingAs the Archbishops wrote yesterday ‘Being part of the Church of England is going to look very different in the days ahead. Our life is going to be less characterised by attendance at church on Sunday and … Continue Reading →

Coronavirus advice

Advice from the Bristol Diocese Alongside the general public health advice, we have received specific advice from the Diocese. As the sacraments are physically distributed, it’s sensible for us to take special care. As well as the specific concern about Coronavirus, this advice is generally applicable for all infectious disease. At … Continue Reading →

A Prayer

God of love,  At this time of change, we pray to you.For the people of this country, we pray to you.For the people of the European Union, we pray to you.For the people of the world, we pray to you.For the future health of our planet, we pray to you.For our elected representatives, we pray to … Continue Reading →