New Ashes Burial Garden

Christ Church with St Mary’s has one of the largest bereavement ministries in the diocese. The closure of our current Rose Garden means that we need to build a new Garden of Remembrance for the interment of ashes.

We are creating a new, level grassed area to the S.E. corner of the church. The new area will be carefully landscaped and will provide space for the burial of ashes for years to come.


  1. The area will be levelled and turfed to a high standard. A sweeping metal edged curve will define its south facing edges. A low cobbled edge of stones will follow the steel edge to create a clearly defined garden area.
  2. At its eastern extremity, there will be a paved path which will define the extent of the ashes garden and allow access to a memorial seat positioned where the small shrub is in the picture above.
  3. The rear of the garden (currently edged with small rough stones) will also be levelled and paved.
  4. Once the area has been levelled and prepared it will be turfed with high quality turf.
  5. The small rose bed commemorating the work of the Church of England’s Men’s Society will be retained – the 20 or so plaques will be removed subject to consultation and agreement and the names of those remembered will be entered in the church’s memory book.
  6. It is envisaged that, using the augur method (in use in Wroughton Church and many others), will enable a further 800 – 900 ashes interments to be made. A clear distinction should be made between urn burial which is conducted elsewhere in the burial ground and ashes interment which is unmarked.
  7. The garden is due to be completed during September

Decoration and Refurbishment

Having brought this previously neglected corner of the church back to life, consideration has been also been given to decorating the area with plants and restoring the important graves which occupy it.

  1. We intend to place a large low, planter to the back, western end of the garden (to the right of the South Transept door). This will contain a selection of seasonal, colourful plants.
  2. Restore the kerb edges and lettering to Revd Henry and Mrs Bailey’s grave. It seems wrong that the founding genius behind Christ Church is not better celebrated here.
  3. Provision here is also made for the cost of a proposed seat and replacement shrubs.
  4. Consideration will also be needed to include the cost of purchasing the augur tool and a mesh system to enable accurate positioning of each ashes location.

The current projected cost is £12-£15,000. With the above in mind we are looking for sponsors or donors to help towards funding the works, which we hope will be completed in September. If you would like to discuss the project or could make a donation towards it then please contact or telephone 01793 522832

Care will be taken to ensure that the two graves and the small memorial rose bed are protected whilst the work is completed.

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