Wheatsheaf Pub –11th Jan 2019

Present :  Stephen Grosvenor, Mike Palmer, Reg Hardwick, Daniel Pitt

  • Item 1. SG opened with a prayer.
  • Item 2. Minutes of last meeting (21/01/19) – reviewed and accepted. Any outstanding items have been are included in the agenda for this meeting.
  • Item 3. Budget 2019 and monitoring of payments – Discussion on the specifics of how this might be achieved. Since our buildings budget is so small this year, we need to monitor and agree expenditure. Stephen to discuss with Andrew our Treasurer and Ian Hamilton/ Helen how payments are managed and recorded.
  • Item 4. – Christ Church & St Mary’s Projects.
    1. DAC submission for Remembrance Garden. Passed to Chancellor for final approval but he has a question before grant of faculty. Stephen has forwarded this to Simon and the committee for consideration and reply to Janet Saxon/The Chancellor. Ian Handy is proceeding to provide an estimate of costs for the planned works. This will inform the budget process.
  • Progress on roof. Despite poor weather at times, the roof replacement continues. The chancel and east facing transept roofs and organ roofs are all complete and the new ridge tiles are soon to be fixed in place.
  • We agreed the final draft of a report on the project cost estimates for the March PCC meeting.  This is attached to these minutes.
  • Sound System – the reconfiguration of the sound controller is complete and should make the operation of the sound system significantly simpler.
  • Gas repairs – thanks to Daniel for his dogged pursuit of the outstanding documentation for the Gas heating system from Bayes. We are still awaiting a response to our request for
    • Gas safe certificate
    • The original drawings with pipe dimensions
    • 2 A1 copies of the heating schematic for the files
    • A certificate/acknowledgement of the Gerberit guarantee on our pipe joints (which should be a life time guarantee).
  • Also thanks to Dan for managing the recent repair to the Bosch heat exchanger which was done under guarantee. The new exchanger is guaranteed for a further 5 years.
  • Item 5 Victoria Road. All is going well at Firestorm games. Mike is producing a quarterly invoice for the rental.
  • Item 6 – Community Centre – The doors and locks are still causing some issues. Stephen will pick up with Chris.
  • Item 7 St Mary’s – Chris has submitted final costs for outstanding items for the refurbishment
  • Item 8 – Other properties:
    • 31 – some queries on the electrics in the kitchen – these are not dangerous but may require attention in the future. Gary has still not produced a quote for the new shower.
    • 32 Rob Skinner has looked at the roof and cannot see a problem.

Item 9 Any other business

Next Meeting: May 22nd 7.30pm Wheatsheaf Public House