Our Vision and Values

Following our Church Strategic Review, our congregation and supporters were invited to suggest statements that encapsulate what we do at Christ Church.
A small group then met to examine the suggestions and has now made the proposals below, for our Vision and Mission statements.
These will be displayed in our written and electronic media to remind us of our common vision and help others to see what we seek to be.

Our proposed Vision Statement (what we strive to be)

To be Christ’s Church in the community

Mission Statements (how we achieve our mission)

By proclaiming Christ through teaching and example
By welcoming and serving all through hospitality
By encouraging people to find God through worship, faith and prayer
By providing a spiritual home and resources for the local community
By transforming Swindon and beyond with God’s hope and compassion

Values Statement (what qualities we will show)

We will do this with humility, grace and respect, listening prayerfully to God and our neighbour.


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