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We are looking for participants to join in our telling of the Nativity on Sunday 9th December 2018. “The Journey” is an immersive, processional performance of the Nativity, enacted throughout Old Town in Swindon, produced by Revd. Daphne Hardwick, Anna Friend, who directed the very successful  2015 “The Passion” in Wroughton   and Juliet Webb, Producer.

Audiences will experience Mary and Joseph’s journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem taking place around them. The story of this journey will be portrayed like you have never seen before; live, up-close and personal.  Unfolding in the streets and populated by a cast of many, playing the story and recreating the ambience of the real journey, offering audiences the opportunity to bear witness to this incredible story.

Starting off outside Lethbridge Road School, providing the location for Nazareth, audiences will meet Mary, the teenage bride, betrothed to Joseph and mysteriously pregnant. She risks shame, heartbreak and a painful death.  Revealed are Joseph’s innermost thoughts. How can he understand the nature of Mary’s pregnancy? How will he find the strength to stand by her? Now forced by an occupying power they must make an impossible journey together. Wood Street will play host to Bethlehem and a thronging Bazaar, where we meet lots of characters, flavours and the hubbub of an inundated city, where our exhausted travellers must seek shelter before coming to rest at Christ Church, which plays the role of the stable and Jesus’ birthplace.
There are lots of ways to be involved from marshalling, distributing programmes, choral singing, musicians, cast, extras and crew. There is the potential for further traders, stall holders and entertainers in our Bazaar.

Please contact Daphne or Juliet at to register your interest in getting involved.   You will receive an invitation to meet with the team and there will be various opportunities to attend meet-ups and rehearsals before December.

We are also seeking sponsors to feature in our programme and provide some of the infrastructure and materials for the performance. We welcome parishioners, Old Town residents, local business and organisations to join us



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