Arrangements for our temporary church closure

Work has now begun to refurbish Christ Church – you can find out what we are doing here.

As Vicar and Church Wardens we are asking you today to pray that we will make the most of this window of opportunity and will grow as a congregation as we work together seeking God’s guidance and presence each step of the way. We are enormously grateful to our P.C.C. Buildings Committee for their professionalism, wisdom and commitment in getting us to this point.

After a series of meetings this week, the plan is that all of our Sunday worship will take place in the Community Centre for the next 8 weeks.

  •  8am Holy Communion Service in the Large Meeting Room
  • 10am All Age and Holy Communion Services in the Main Hall and Garden Room, with the choir being unrobed. Sunday Club will either be with the main worship, or in Chris’ office or in the Vicarage, to be confirmed.
  • 4pm Sunday @ 4 in the Main Hall and Garden Room as normal.
  • 6.30pm Evening Worship, in the Main Hall and Garden Room.
  • Midweek 9am Morning Prayer – in the Large Meeting Room.
  • Wednesday 10.30am service at St Mary’s.

In one important sense it will be business as usual but in another sense there will be some differences with the change of ambiance and we will be warmer!! We trust that you will do all you can to encourage one another and lend a hand practically where you are able. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. Please pray for all the preparations. We look forward to confirming these arrangements next weekend.

Thank you for all your support and understanding.

Every blessing

Simon, Daniel and Mike (Vicar and Church Wardens)

You can find out more detail about our plans here. Overview



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