A message from Rose

In January of this year, my precious son, Gavin, moved from Australia to live and work in Swindon. As a qualified electrical engineer, he had been invited by Network Rail to come and helping with the electrification of the British railway system. When driving on his way to work on a Saturday night in June, Gavin was critically injured after a car crashed into him whilst travelling in the opposite direction. I am forever grateful for the miracle that, due to a passing ambulance stopping and performing CPR, Gavin, who had suffered a cardiac arrest and had died at the scene, was able to be airlifted to John Radcliffe Hospital and be placed on life-support. This then meant family members were able to travel from Australia and spend quality time with him. Friends who were already in England, plus Gavin’s work colleagues, were constantly by his bedside as well. lt also gave 6 special people the beautiful gift of life through Gavin’s generous donation of his organs.


Gavin Roberts

Throughout this incredibly sad journey, I have known that God’s grace and mercy has never been felt more or experienced so powerfully by me. I’ve believed for many years that I was to one day go to England, and that I was to give to people the message of hope. Whilst family and friends were gathered around Gavin’s bed, I felt led to say to them, “I want you to have compassion and forgiveness for the other driver.” Since then, many doors have opened for me to be able to spread the message on compassion and forgiveness. I have also been led by the Lord to talk about reaching the crossroads of life. “If you harden your heart and not forgive, then you can become bitter and resentful, but if you choose to forgive and your heart remains soft, then you can be used to help people and grow as a human being in a positive way.”

God is using me to hopefully, help people make better choices when they go through life. He is also having me deliver the Christian message on forgiveness in a non-threatening manner. It has been a great blessing to me when people have said to me afterwards that by hearing my message, it has caused them to think differently. How wonderful is that! Isaiah 55:11: “so is my word that goes out from your mouth; It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” The message of hope I give is part of Gavin’s on-going legacy.

With blessings, Rose Joshua



Gavin’s friends & family at his memorial service in Christ Church

Footnote – Gavin was one of those who was remembered in our Service of Commemoration for the departed on the 6th November. You can hear the whole service and the names read out here: http://ipad.io/llx4h4c


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