Driving in and around the church & community centre

Just a reminder to anyone who drives on the pathways around the church and the community centre. They are not roadways and are shared paths with pedestrians some of whom may not be as quick on their feet as others. Please drive considerately,observe the speed limit signs and be aware that people may, at any time, step out of the church doors into your path or be using the paths around the church.

2016-07-18 14.08.15

The wall has been damaged by careless drivers

The access way to the community centre is for disabled parking and drop off only – please take care to drive carefully and considerately. In recent months both the handrail and the listed Victorian wall around the community centre have been struck by vehicles. The latter being so badly damaged that it has had to be repaired and made safe at a considerable cost. The pathway lights have also been put out of action by careless drivers.

The church and its grounds and community centre are open for the use and enjoyment of the whole community. They are not funded by external grants or income and rely entirely on the goodwill and financial support of the local congregation and other friends of Christ Church whose generosity and commitment keep the whole site in good repair and available for public and private worship, contemplation and enjoyment – a place of calm and stillness at the heart of Old Town.

Please treat the roadways with respect and take care.


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