Our Church Plan

ChristchurchpencilSince work began on development and renewal at Christ Church, we have spent a lot of time reviewing our plans, gaining information from other church’s experiences and planning and building our Community Centre. In all this detail of practical and logical decision making, it is often easy to forget why we originally set out on this journey. Do take some time if you can to read our vision for this church.

We have a vision that Christ Church and its site should be at the heart of Swindon serving the needs of local people and becoming a useful meeting place for a whole variety of community activities. Continuing and developing what we do well now but also looking to meet future needs. Christ Church was built 160 years ago and has been part of the Old Town Partnership of Churches with Bath Road Methodist church and Immanuel United Reformed church for more than 40 years. Our vision is ‘Connecting the Community with Christ’. Many visitors remark on the beauty of Christ Church, a place of serenity and peace in the midst of a very busy town but while the building is beautiful outside, inside it is cluttered and tired and expensive to maintain.

We want to bring a resurrection feel to the Church that Swindon can really be proud of, serving our town through the 21st century and beyond. Through the development and renewal of Christ Church we will have a lighter, warmer more comfortable and flexible place to meet, and from which to expand its outreach.

Our vision is that Christ Church and the newly rebuilt community centre will be in use throughout the week; morning, afternoons and evenings. There will be an enhanced awe and wonder about the church building which will be full of God’s presence. We intend to operate both the church and the Community hall for the benefit of all, trusting that our openness and outward looking attitude will establish our whole site as a valuable resource for our local community. We look forward to hosting many concerts, creative arts, community celebrations, conferences, school events and artistic exhibitions in both the church and hall.

Our vision is our site will increasingly pay for itself, allowing us to develop our pastoral care, listening and healing ministries and to look outwards sharing God’s heart for mission and outreach within Swindon and across the world. As a Christian community we passionately believe that God works in every scene of life and wants us to expand our perspective of his activity and presence in all things. We believe that God wants us to have the gift of imagination. By enabling this to happen we can play our part in connecting the whole community of Swindon through outstanding buildings and service that bring the best of the past alongside the needs of the present.

We would like everyone at Christ Church to work together to achieve this vision for Christ Church to keep it at the heart of Swindon for the next 160 years.


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