Notes from Community Centre@Christ Church Advisory meeting – 6th August 2013

Present: Philip Richmond, Ailsa Palmer, Chris Smith, Lynda Fisher

Apologies: Simon Stevenette, Francis Maples, Rod Bluh, Margaret Clarke

Due to the absence of several members of the group we will carry forward the agenda to next month’s meeting, the date of which has been changed to Tuesday, 10 September, 8.30am at the CC@CC site.

Chris took Philip on a tour of the site, which is progressing although now subject to a completion delay of several weeks until the end of October.  Although the delay is disappointing it does give more time to plan the opening and have time to give more thought to policy and procedural issues.

We spent some time gaining Philip’s views on the mission statement, Chris had prepared.  The revision will be presented to members by email for comment so that this can be finalised prior to the next meeting. Chris updated us all on progress to date.  Chris has contacted Voluntary Action Swindon (VAS), re recruiting volunteers.  He has already received two responses and found Jo Banks at Involve Swindon very helpful and a useful contact to have made.  Others have also expressed interest in volunteering opportunities.  Nationwide will be tackling the garden area on 20th September and should be finished by end of the month.

Chris and Stephen Grosvenor are continuing to gain sponsorship for internal furnishings; £9925 having been committed to date.  This includes contributions from Richard Deacon, Hilliers, the Conservative Club, Friends of Christ Church (FOCC) and a £2000 grant from the Bernard Sunley Foundation towards the kitchen.  Both Chris and Stephen have other applications in the pipeline, including Awards for All.  Chris has secured office furniture already for no charge.

We discussed in some detail the access arrangements to the Centre.  Chris has arranged for Rosemarie Philips to provide her insight into accessibility and it was suggested we also contact a wheelchair user about their experience too.

We talked briefly about the Communication Plan; this will need a wider discussion next time we meet.  Chris is contacting Jahmene’s manager and Nick Hewer about their availability for the official opening, which is likely to be in November 2013.

Peter Ford has begun work on a logo.  Philip provided comments on this.  Stephen will ask his son for advice, following email correspondence. We all agreed that the logo, letterheads, and uniform approach are really important to get right so that we are communicating the message of CC@CC.

Philip invited Chris to speak at the Okus Road Residents’ Association meeting on 10 September, which will provide a good opportunity for Chris to talk about the new Community Centre, potentially find volunteers as well as spreading the word.

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