Minutes of Site Development Meeting 17th July

Present :  Stephen Grosvenor, Mike Palmer, Reg Hardwick, John Plaister,

Aplogies: Kevin Penfold, Daniel Pitt, Mark Antell,

Item 1. SG said a short prayer.

Item 2. Minutes of last meeting – reviewed –

All outstanding items have been included in the agenda.

Item 3. –Budget Summary  – see cumulative spend at the end of these minutes

Item 4. – Christ Church


a) West porch Project. AFK has now been to measure up and has started to design the porch. We will produce a plan that we can use to submit to the DAC for a faculty application. This will include the removal of some of the pews at the rear of the church to create a better circulation space. We aim to submit a DAC application in September/October.

 b) LED Lighting – We have awarded a contract to Binary electronics and have paid a deposit and officially commissioned the new lighting scheme for the Lady Chapel trial. The work is due for completion sometime in September. We will seek the opinions of the congregation and interested parties over the winter and consider our options early in the new year.

 c) AV update – Various trials have been carried out to optimise the microphone placement in the choir area. These have been largely inconclusive –more tests will be done in due course although this is not currently a priority.

 d). Damaged South transept window/Repointing. Dan Pitt has contacted AFK for advice and has the names of some masons to approach for quotes. Our advice is that the repair should be done in the next 18 months or so. The Friends have already offered to help to offset some of the costs for this project but this is subject to ratification from the new chair of the Friends. JP has also identified an area on the north transept wall which needs re-pointing/repair. We intend to approach Rob Flemming to quote for this work with a view to carrying it out prior to winter.

 f) Asbestos removal from old boiler room. This action is carried forward. We have already had an estimate and this work should now be done as soon as possible. ACTION MP to find quote and confirm costs – proposal is to proceed to get the works completed so we can continue to safely use the storage.

 Item 5. St Mary’s Church – This action carried forward – the paintwork in St Mary’s is in a poor state of repair. We will add it to the work in progress list and review options for getting it done. ACTION MP to see if Community Service Volunteers would do it also discuss options with Dan re using students from the college.

 Item 6 Community Centre update

a)   Foundations were completed at the end of June and the building arrived in storage just outside Swindon. The East end of the car park has been sectioned off to accommodate the building materials for the next 6-8 weeks. Despite some delays, the building skeleton is now up and the new opening for the main entrance has been cut. We have applied for some amendments to the faculty as the entrance is further east than expected. This involves relocating the Keylock memorial – an enquiry has already been made to the diocese for this. It will cost extra. The Morris memorial has been successfully moved to its new location in the garden of reflection.

 b)   Parish office & Kitchen designs – We are in consultation with all interested parties to confirm the final designs and specification of the office and kitchen. A change to the existing plan has been proposed to move the ante-room to the east so that it is adjacent to the main entrance. Plans are being prepared to create an office layout and Chris Smith and Mike have been to the council resources department and identified some desks that can be used. Particular attention will be paid to ensuring that parish office activities can be properly supported in the new facility.


c)    Rubbish arrangments – The contract with Biffa seems to be working ok and the rubbish from the burial ground is under control at the moment. We will need to review the situation once the centre is operational.

 d)   Paths & Lighting – we await a quote for the restoration of the roadways and paths ( the main path from the car park and the front path). We have approached Binary Electronics for ideas for low level lighting for the paths – ACTION – MP to follow up with Colin to remind him

 e)   Garden of Reflection – we need to confirm with the burial board if they require the area to the north of the Garden of Reflection for their purposes – if not we should consider using it to erect a shed to act as a supplementary store.  Also we need to liaise with Ian Handy re the garden itself. ACTION – MP to discuss with Bernard Oxborrow and follow up with Ian Handy – budget >4k.

 f)    Area outside the East end of the centre. – we don’t have a plan for this space but it does need to be thought about and planned as it will be a major part of the garden room/public entrance. ACTION – MP to discuss options with Ian Handy

 g)    Archaeology – As part of our planning permissions we hired an archaeologist to complete a watching brief as we start foundation digging – this contract has been subsumed into the Timberworks project to save VAT costs. The work has been completed and billed at £2,600.      

Item 7 Property Checks –

As a  result of Annual Property check carried out on 32. Points a & b & c are outstanding

a)   Work Outstanding – Re-plastering required following difficulties with damp and mould in the dining room. ACTION MP to recommend some plasterers to occupant so that she can arrange for them to visit and quote.

b)   Work outstanding  – PV Front door may need replacing as it doesn’t fit properly and is very drafty – SG suggested it might be fixable – details of the Double Glazing doctor have been passed on to Karen at the same time as MP recommends plasterers – Double Glazing doctor   01793 431788.

c)    The light fitting over the stairs has been repaired as has the leaking radioator – COMPLETE.

Item 8 Any other business

Next Meeting: 4th Sept 7.30 – 51a Broome Manor Lane, SN3 1NB

 Deferred Jobs list




Rated A/B/C/D

SW door repair and draft exclusion Defer to D&R 20/01/2010


Pressure washing the vestry steps    


Flooding under the clergy vestry   25/03/2010


Cycle Racks Defer to new hall 27/07/2010


Wall mounted Notice board at West door £95+VAT 31/03/2011


Free standing Noticeboard at West door £375+VAT S&I 31/03/2011


Sign for Church Centre (maybe directional signage rather than the name) Defer 31/03/2011


New fireproof ceiling in the undercroft Defer 20/02/2012


Asbestos removal – church awaiting 14/11/12


South transept S &West window repairs Seeking quotes 14/11/12


Remove nave screens from the front pews to aid flow from familys and young people during services. Defer- issues identified with H&S and costs. 19/01/2013


Repainting St Marys Reviewing options 09/05/13


New smoke alarms 32 ? Carbon monoxide monitor? Reviewing options 09/05/13


 A- Assessed as high risk

B- Legal requirement

C- Best Practice.

D – Nice to do.

 Cost Schedule 2013

Job Date Contractor Sum paid
LC Toilet repair Jan D.Hobbs £60.00
Damp fix – 31 Feb In house £54.00
Boiler Checks Feb D Hobbs £156.00
Boiler replacement -32 May G Hall £3,000
Tree Pollarding May N Freshwater £650
Leaking radiator/Light 32 July GV £282.00
New post code for centre July SBC £60.00


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