Church Family’ sub-group – held Monday 7th January 2013

Present: Anne McMillan, Pam Bridgeman, Angela Ruck, Lucy Hayward, Patrick Williams, Nitin Shinde

Apologies: Sue Rush

Anne/Pam reported that the Christmas ‘Lessons & Carols’ service was very successful – with some 350 people in attendance.  Not everyone stayed for Mulled Wine but would definitely repeat for next year.  The use of disposable cups etc worked very well and no one seemed to mind!

The next event for the Group is the Home Group’s Social Evening – Sat January 26th 2013 – 7.00pm for 7.30pm – in the Church Centre.  Each HG will be asked to make a short, (5 mins max) presentation about what they do/plan to do in 2013.  Our team will try and arrive for 6.00pm to get organised!  Remember to try and take photos for the web and board in Church!

  • The evening will be informal – but will consist of:
    • Welcome drink/nibbles & chat time
    • First half of the groups present
    • Grace & Supper – ask people to move and sit at different tables
    • Second half of groups present
    • Anne Macmillan will introduce resources
    • Groups will be asked to write and suggestions/ideas on ‘post-its’ and place on board
    • Thanksgiving Prayer

One notice has already been placed in the weekly news-sheet and Lucy agreed to contact Ailsa for a reminder on Sunday 13th Jan (done).

Pam will also send a reminder email to HG Leaders – asking for them to co-ordinate one savoury and one sweet donation per group.

Lucy offered to donate mulled wine and to take care of buying wine and soft drinks – receipts will be provided afterwards.  We will buy from Magnums in Wood Street and also ask for loan of glasses.

Anne offered to take care of buying nibbles and cheese & biscuits

Nitin will find out what music machines are available and organise

Patrick will get a board for collecting ideas and will also supply bin bags

Pam will make small flower decorations, take responsibility for the tea urns and will also get milk and tea/coffee.  Also, ‘Post-It’ notes and pens.

Angela will buy paper plates and napkins and will write table numbers from 1-6 on the back to encourage people to move around.

Anne mentioned to the group an idea from Sue Rush regarding ‘Lent Lunches/Supper’ to raise money for Christian Aid.  After some discussion, it was agreed that we would suggest/support HG’s in holding such events – but that it would not be appropriate to open up individual homes to people.  It was felt possible to have a single, lunch-time event – maybe at St Mary’s if a date can be found – that would be open across the Parish.

  • Lucy agreed to ask Sue Rush for more info
  • Anne reported that the PCC had asked the group to take responsibility for the ‘Away Weekend’ in 2014 – possibly at a location in Wales suggested by Margaret Williams.
    • Plan to make some enquiries about venues.
    • Further discussion on topic will be held at next meeting. 
    • Pam has compiled a list of people willing to help with teas, coffee and baking cakes on an occasional basis.


NEXT MEETING DATE – Monday February 18th 2013 at Pam’s house.


Lucy Hayward

January 11th 2013

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