Our new Partnership Project is launched

This project was launched at our joint service at Bath Road on February 24th when Anna Potts from Christian Aid came to speak to us.  We were all inspired when we heard Anna tell us about the determination of  people who are disabled in Palestine and Lebanon to live a life as fulfilling as possible and with the money we hope to raise, this hope will become a reality for more people.  We have pledged to raise at least £5,000 and our fund raising has already begun.  The offering at the service amounted to just over £257 and  with other efforts Partnership Project 2103 we are now well on the way towards our first £500.

If you have some good ideas for fund raising we would love to hear about them.  You can contact me at margaretwilliams111@gmail.com and I will pass them on.

Watch this space for more fund raising events.  All our events and activities will bear our logo designed by Thomas Read so congratulations to him on a splendid logo!

His explanation of it is below.

Margaret Williams

” I made this logo with a mixture of the two flags of Lebanon and Palestine with the shaking hands to symbolise our friendship towards the two countries and us being able to help them. The heart shape is there to symbolise that they are in our heart and in our prayers every day.” – Thomas Read

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