What has happened to the Development & Renewal Group?

Over the past 2 years, the D&R group met regularly to create momentum and focus for an overall strategy for Christ Church. They, with the agreement of the PCC, created an overall vision for the next hundred years at Christ Churchand began to formulate plans to create a sustainable and forward looking church community in Swindon. 
This focus enabled us to kick start the development process. Grant applications to the Borough and to other agencies, alongside a review of our own assets and priorities, as well as a programme of fund and awareness raising, have now put us in a position to move forward with a phased approach to the overall development and renewal strategy.
Having got this far, it is now essential that everything that is done over the next 2-5 years is driven and informed by the overall parish plan. To ensure that we engage our own experts and interest groups in the future decision making and to ensure that the plans are properly co-ordinated, we have devolved the on-going activities of the former D&R group, into our current committee structure but with a couple of small changes.
  • Site Development & Buildings – project managing the delivery of the community centre & managing our properties day to day – led by Stephen Grosvenor & Mike Palmer
  • Mission & Evangelism – ensuring that the church delivers effective, outward looking Christian learning programmes and promoting and supporting Christian projects worldwide- led by Norma McKemey & Martin Lee.
  • Children & Young People  Working to support, nurture, and affirm the contribution of children and young people in church life, and to reach out and engage with those in our wider community – led by Janice Titcombe & Trudie Wigley
  • Community Networks – ensuring that we develop and maintain strong links with our local community, groups, businesses and individuals – led by Daphne Hardwick & David Morrison
  • Church Family -Strengthening church family relationships and providing pastoral care- led by Anne Macmillan & Pam Bridgeman
  • Financial Stewardship & Resources – ensuring that we manage and grow our resources led by Chris Raven & Gareth Hutchinson.
Lynda Fisher  one of our churchwardens has agreed to oversee the committees and she will be assisted by Claire Beaton, Ailsa Palmer and Simon Stevenette. Each committee has 2 leaders and these leaders will meet periodically to share ideas and progress.  All trustees of the PCCare members of one of the six groups.
To summarise, the work of the renewal and development group has now become part of our “business as usual” process. Each of the groups has a clear remit and has formulated their own targets which together, deliver the overall church plan for renewal and development. You can read about this plan as well as see the work of the individual committees here. The Development & Renewal fund will remain as a place to donate gifts specifically to fund Christ Church’s renewal vision.

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